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Published 8 years ago

Be it a company website, online portal or a service website, a large number of businesses need freelance content writers for their content on regular basis. Typically the content requirement varies as per the business type. For more specialised freelance writing jobs like article writing and blog writing, the content should be unique and catchy. Professional web content writers who have been writing since a long time may not understand all the technicalities, positives and negatives of the specialised online writing.

Hire the right freelance writers as a client

Online writing offers many prospects to freelance writers in the huge world of content writing services. This is where Contentmart steps in. This is a service where you, as a client, will find the specialised content provider who can provide tailor-made services depending upon your requirements. Whether you need content editors or a blog copywriter for your online writing jobs, the right freelance content writer with high levels of commitment is available. You can hire an expert with years of experience in the industry who knows his audience.

Choose the right freelance writing jobs

As a writer you can use your unique knowledge and find better freelance writing jobs online at Contentmart. We value our freelance writers and the hard work that has taken them to become experts. To cash on your writing skills means investing time in locating paid work that suits you. Once you are a part of the Contentmart family, all the jobs come to you and there are new projects open for you to bid on a daily basis. In other words there are thousands of online writing jobs at your finger tip.

With so many writing jobs online, you have access to jobs that offer competitive pay and cover your specialised topic. This lets you choose what you want to write and when you want to sit down to work.

Contentmart can be accessed from anywhere in India by Indian freelance writers. So whether you are one among the content writers in Delhi, or content writers in Hyderabad or content writers in Bangalore, it does not matter – you can find many an online writing jobs that pay. As content writers in India are finding a market place for finding all the right projects, without having to scour all over the internet, Contentmart has won the battle of one of the best Content Marketplaces. Whether it is content writers from Mumbai or content writers from Chennai, Contentmart offers them equal opportunities to get projects and get paid for them.

To join as a writer and to gain access to our online writing jobs, you simply have to complete a few English grammar tests. To be a verified writer you have to complete an online writing assessment.

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