Controlling Your Garage Door Opener with a Smartphone: Top 5 iOS and Android Apps

Published 8 years ago

As the time went by and our smartphones became even smarter and more functional, the list of things these devices were able to pull off grew impressively large. It was obvious that something as simple as remotely opening garage doors would find a place on this list sooner or later. And truly, these days, you only need to buy a Bluetooth/internet receiver, connect it with the garage door opener, pair it with your smart device, download the appropriate app and your life will become more convenient. Let’s take a look at some of these apps for Android and iOS.

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Liftmaster MyQ Home Control (Android/iOS)

Liftmaster is definitely one of the most popular apps of this kind, but it works only with the MyQ-enabled garage door openers, so we have to use this opportunity to warn you about one problem. Not every garage door opener works with every app – If you’re starting from scratch you should first check few garage door opener reviews and look for the app afterwards. However, if the opener of your choosing is supported by MyQ, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better alternative. Manage the garage doors and lights from any place on the Earth, adjust the security levels, and add a passcode… This app covers everything.

Craftsman Garage Doors (Android/iOS)

Weighed down with the similar limitations like the previous app (it works only with the garage door openers manufactured by Craftsman), Craftsman Garage Doors packs the same sleek set of features as well. The app itself was plagued with some quirks and bugs (users were not able to receive push notifications for months), but these issues have been addressed and Craftsman Garage Door Opener is once again a go-to app for all proud Craftsman garage door opener owners.

SecuRemote (Android/iOS)

Powered both by internet and Bluetooth 4.0 SecuRemote checks all the boxes one garage owner would expect (operating deadbolts/garage doors/gates from your smartphone, real time access, etc.) and throws a few additional goodies into the mix (e.g. monitoring multiple SecuRemote devices with the same smartphone) as well. It’s worth mentioning that SecuRemote still supports Blackberry phones and their native OS, which is great news for all die-hard fans of the former Canadian behemoth.

BTmate Garage Mate App (Android/iOS)

If you own multiple garage doors and they are all handled by different garage door openers, Garage Mate might just be the best solution you can find in any app store. Yes, no matter whether you own Legacy, Raynor, Liftmaster or Chamberlain this brand-agnostic piece of software will play along with all of them. The fact that this app uses a Bluetooth set to pair your smart device with your garage door openers, however, presents one of its major drawbacks – You will be able to control your garage doors within the range of only 10m (30ft). Still if you value versatility over mobility, this is the app for you.

MyDoorOpener Elite (iOS)

Speaking of versatility, MyDoorOpener Elite is taking this matter quite seriously and being a yet another app for remotely opening garage doors is just one if it’s numerous functions. Besides that, MyDoorOpener Elite can be used as a home spread hub that controls ceiling fans, regulates the temperature in your home and remotely controls your fireplace. Still, if you’re interested only in garage doors you’ll probably value the fact that push notifications are sent via SMS (great for people who don’t have an access to internet 24/7) the most.

These were the top five apps that will allow you to use your smartphone to remotely open your garage doors. Don’t miss a chance to try out some of them. Technology is striving to make our lives as convenient as possible – this is the bandwagon you should most definitely want to find a place on.

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