35 Wholesome Stories That Will Cheer You Up During These Tough Times

Published 4 years ago

Being stuck in quarantine and not being able to meet up with your friends or go to the pub can be quite frustrating. Add that to the constant food and toilet paper shortages caused by selfish people hoarding all of it and things may begin to look really bleak. That’s when you want to hear something positive, something that would help lift your spirits, even if it’s just a small thing. Lucky for you, we have just what you need.

Amidst all of the coronavirus panic, there are still good news out there. People are looking out for each other, helping the elderly, and some doctors are even coming out of retirement to help those in need. See some wholesome stories that will cheer you up during these tough times in the gallery below! And if you want more good news, see our previous post here.

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Image source: reddit.com

He came out of retirement to help with this epidemic. This man is a legend in Italy as he helped with the first heart transplant


Image source: Arafatdotyeasin

Belgian woman, Suzanne Hoylaerts aged 90, dies of #Covid_19 after refusing a respirator, telling her doctors “Save it for the youngest [who need it most], I’ve already had a beautiful life.” Not all #Heroes wear capes !


Image source: robin_stevenson


Image source: KhaledBeydoun


Image source: Richard Briley


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Image source: reddit.com

A man in Morristown, NJ standing outside the emergency room with this sign. Remember to say thank you to those on the front lines!


Image source: KarthiPrabha23


Image source: Jason Barrett


Man feeding neighbor’s dog



Image source: Lewis McFadden


Image source: AnniePNJ


Image source: TheRickyDavila


Image source: DakSt8Football


Image source: Sikh Volunteers Australia


Image source: mali.lopezherrera

We’re quarantined but this was the most beautiful thing I saw today, and it deserves to be shared


Image source: OctopussSevenTwo


Image source: Charles28973069


Image source: KhalistanIsAJo1


Image source: reddit.com

After 11 hospital days and losing 12kg, my 78yr old dad is home and recovered from Covid in Madrid!


Image source: Amir Khan


Image source: reddit.com

Our neighbour doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so we talked her through joining ours. Once on she received 70 messages from her children living overseas



Image source: reddit.com


Image source: reddit.com

Can someone buy me 3 bottles of milk?


Image source: reddit.com

Gas station helping elderly


Image source: reddit.com

My Great-Uncle visits his wife every day. She’s in an Assisted Living facility as she has Alzheimer’s, so he can’t go in right now for safety reasons. That doesn’t stop him from showing his endearing love


Image source: annalouisedavis


Image source: Julie Michaud


Image source: reddit.com

I (27m) mentioned that I am out of work and my elderly neighbor left this on my doorstep


Image source: ParkLaneStables


Image source: mulutavcocktail

Minnesota & Vermont will classify grocery store employees as ER workers, qualifying for free childcare.


Image source: stephenkunken


Image source: SocialKeked

Bosnia and Herzegovina. More discipline than 1st world countries

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