25 Pics That Show How Little Things Used To Cost Back In The Day

Published 1 month ago

The cost of living has been rising in recent years, with various factors such as the energy market, COVID-19, and inflation contributing to this trend. It is widely acknowledged that younger people are finding it increasingly difficult to afford housing, and this financial burden is extending to other areas such as cars and groceries.

To shed light on the issue, our team has compiled a range of examples from different sources, including historical lists of the cost of living, old menus and advertisements. These examples range from the cost of tuition at Harvard in the 1850s to the prices of McDonald’s items from decades ago, when they were much cheaper.

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#1 1916 Sears Catalog Home

Image source: High0nHistory

They shipped the entire house to you by railroad car. Sears was like Ikea before Ikea. Friends and family would come from all around to help the owner build it.

#2 Vintage Travel Ad – Hotel Las Brisas, Acapulco, Mexico – 1965

Image source: Heather David

#3 The Westerner Motor Hotel

Image source: Heather David

#4 1947 Hospital Bill Found Out My Parents’ Attic. Not Sure Who It’s For

Image source: Old97sFan

#5 Cost Of Living 1989

Image source: VisionaryVoid

#6 My Grandmama Just Passed Away And We Found The Hospital Bill Of When She Had My Aunt In 1957. Insurance Paid $100 So They Ended Up Paying $2.95 For Having A Baby

Image source: squidnezy


Image source: Scott Damcom

#8 The Taco Bell Five! (1968)

Image source: AxlCobainVedder

#9 1943 Cost Of Living

Image source: Memory Road

#10 Kentucky Fried Chicken

Image source: InsomniacAttentionSeeker

#11 Mcdonald’s Menu From 1959

Image source: VisionaryVoid

#12 McDonald’s Extra Value Menu 1993

Image source: Djf47021

#13 Danish Modern Furniture Ad 1962

Image source: Heather David

#14 The Bill For A Semester At Harvard, 1869: $170.42

Image source: timecaptales

#15 St. Luke Hospital – 1950s

Image source: adam2341

#16 Cost Of Living In 1938

Image source: historyinmemes

#17 A Woolworth’s Menu From The 1960s When They Served Food

Image source: VisionaryVoid

#18 “Vacation Specials” – Steve Aloi Ford Ad [c.1970]

Image source: FNaXQ

#19 Sears Men’s Fashion 1960’s

Image source: dogbytes

#20 Vintage New Home Advertisement, Toronto With $500 Bonus!

Image source: jabnes

#21 Housing Ad From 1955

Image source: High0nHistory

#22 Hospital Bill From When My Grandpa Blew Up A Stump With Homemade Tnt And Lost His Eye

Image source: WudButton

#23 The Original Burger King Whopper In 1963

Image source: reddit.com

#24 Cat’s Meow Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale Florida, 1950s Menu

Image source: CincoDeMayoFan

#25 1960’s Cocktail Menu From The ‘Cannibal Room’ At Ren Clark’s Polynesian Village In Ft. Worth, Tx

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

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