20+ Pun-tastic Costumes You’ll Have To Look At Twice To Understand

Published 6 years ago

It takes a lot of time to perfect such form of art as cosplaying. Usually, the ones who steal the show are those, who craft their own costumes to look like the characters brought to life. But we can all agree that there’s another form of cosplaying that we all enjoy, and it is creating punny costumes. This list compiled by Bored Panda shows these unique costumes that will make you look twice and then wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.  From Jon Snow White to Taco Belle, some of these pun-tastic costumes are clever pop culture mashups while others could be considered as witty wordplay.

Scroll down to see these pun-tastic costumes yourself! (h/t)

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#1 Black Pink Panther

Image source: Gamo_Ne

#2 Meet My Sister’s Coworker, Jon Snow White!

Image source: mankardo

#3 GandAlf

Image source: FootPoundForce

#4 Taco Belle

Image source: Olivia Mears

#5 I Dressed As Amazon Prime And Won My Office Halloween Costume Contest

Image source: caronarnold

#6 My Costume Came In 2nd Place “Zombee”

Image source: Majorxerocom

#7 The Blue Screen Of Death

Image source: stripcartoon

#8 French Kiss

Image source: GoingAllTheJay

#9 Sailor Mercury

Image source: st3x

#10 The Atoms Family

Image source: SavioSega

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