20 People Who Were Called ‘Crazy’ But Turned Out To Be Right Later

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes people say or do things that hardly make any sense to others around them. Some people are way ahead of their time. There is a reason why people called Galileo crazy when he said that the earth revolves around the sun. It’s difficult for humans to give up certain fixed beliefs that are widely accepted. Yet, these beliefs are challenged every now and then by some crazy folks.

Recently, someone on Reddit asked “What ‘crazy’ person in history was right the whole time?” and many people revealed the names of some famous personalities who were called crazy but got proved right later. Scroll below to read the answers.

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Image source: sagieday, wikipedia.org

“Rose McGowan was completely ostracized and blacklisted for talking about Weinstein too early.”


Image source: Luke Keil, wikipedia.org

“Tesla. Edison is still credited with the lightbulb. His last words put it into perspective “All these years that I had spent in the service of mankind brought me nothing but insults and humiliation””


Image source: Sudden-Lettuce2317

“Clair Patterson-he was made out to be crazy by giant oil companies bc he tested ice cores in the Arctic and figured out that the amount of lead in the atmosphere, the water, and our bodies was extremely high and caused by leaded gasoline. He petitioned Congress for years to make it illegal to add lead to gasoline, but the corporations kept getting him shut down because they used lead as an anti-knock agent for internal combustion engines. Ironically, lead was causing everyone else to go crazy because it is shaped like a neurotransmitter and blocks receptors causing insanity, similarly to what mercury does, and many employees of the oil companies had gone mad. After decades of battling the oil companies, he finally got his way and lead was removed from gasoline. Since then, the amount of lead in the atmosphere and I’m living things has decreased dramatically. Clair Patterson… a f**king hero.

He also created the first truly “clean room.””


Image source: JustAbel, Yuri Levchenko

“During the plague in Moscow there was a priest (or something) DIScouraging people kissing the statue of Maria, as to stop the spreading of the virus.

The poor man was burned alive for blasphemy.”


Image source: Few-Frosting-1398, wikipedia.org

“Will Rogers a humorist when he invented the term “trickle-down” economics as a joke stating that this type of economy would just make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

And then we actually implemented it and used the term trickle-down. And Will Rogers was right.

The rent has gone though the roof and our salaries have stagnated and we can’t afford “The American Dream” anymore.”


Image source: carissadraws, wikipedia.org

“Craig Ferguson having empathy for Britney Spears in his 2007 monologue.”


Image source: 77kloklo77

“Sinead O’Connor – she was vilified for ripping up a photo of the pope to protest child abuse within the Catholic Church. Spoiler alert – the Catholic Church was covering up child abuse.”


Image source: Rayshon1042, wikipedia.org

“Stanislav Petrov. Though we don’t see him as crazy, I’m sure his crewmates thought he was. He directly disobeyed Soviet military protocols and prevented a nuclear war.”


Image source: softredina, Isaac Quesada

“I don’t know that guy’s name but he basically from 1541-1542 travelled accross south america. The first european to do so. While he was on his journey he said he saw millions of people and large cities , with a lot of life in them , where today is the amazon rainforest.After he had finished his journey he had told the stories of those cities and about a hundred years later when explorers visited the place there was nothing , no cities , no people , just jungle. So they thought he had made all that up. But modern technology has shown that there might have accually been a lot of cities there , and that those people died out with smallpox and all cities were covered by the jungle within the course of 50 years. So basically people thought he was crazy and made everything up but in modern times its proven that he was right all along.”


Image source: Ashweed137

“Boltzman spend his life trying to prove his formula but ended up commiting suicide because none of his collegues believed him. Now, his formula is basically the ‘amen’ in thermodynamics.”


Image source: tommygunz007

“Dr. Atkins.

When his first book ‘The New Diet Revolution’ came out, he was mocked and ridiculed for thinking that refined sugars, flour, and starch caused the glycemic index to skyrocket which led to your body storing fat. When he died people thought he died from his own diet.

Keto-acidosis and how you can lose weight by reducing your glycemic index was largely his research.

It was later stolen and copied and called ‘The Zone Diet’ and ‘The Caveman Diet’ and ‘The Paleo Diet’ which were all based on his work.”


Image source: DelMarion67, wikipedia.org

“Martha Mitchell.. She was like part of the reason why it was discovered that Nixon was involved in Watergate. Her husband was part of the Nixon group so she got some inside details. When she wanted to tell the news about the whole scandal, her husband and Nixon men put her in a hotel and restrained her from having any contact with anyone. She was seen as an insane person her husband and Nixon’s men even managed to convince the psychiatrists that she was out of her mind.

Actually there’s a phenomenon in psychology which was named after her a.k.a the Martha Mitchell Effect”


Image source: jdward01

“Lisa Bonet. She was vilified for hating Cosby in the 80s. Who’s the villain now?”


Image source: HayakuEon, Faran Raufi

“John Yudkin. The single scientist who didn’t believe the sugar industry’s research that demonized fats. Till his death he’s adamant that fats weren’t the cause of obesity and heart attacks.”


Image source: Firethorn101, wikipedia.org

“There was a wacko looking guy on Oprah who stopped his vanilla presentation to tell the audience that plastic causes cancer, stop using it to store food and water.

Oprah cut to commercial and whisked him off the show.

Dude was right. BPAs were outed that day, but it took another decade for that info to become public knowledge.”


Image source: ArchieBellTitanUp

“Hemingway talked about the FBI following him prior to his suicide. They thought he was paranoid. Decades later some papers get released, turns out the FBI was following him.”


Image source: Randomcommenter550

“Giordano Bruno was (probably) the first European who proposed the possibility that not only was the universe infinite, but stars were not just points of light in the sky; they could be suns with their own planets, and that some of those planets might even host life.

The Catholic Church had him tried for Heresy and had him burned at the stake and his contemporaries though he was completely insane. He had some kooky ideas, but he was absolutely right about the size of the universe and stars being suns with their own planets.”


Image source: CategoryTurbulent114, Towfiqu barbhuiya

“Remember the government accountant in George W Bush’s presidency who said the war in Afghanistan would cost a billion dollars a month and he was fired? Well, he was right. It was 300 million dollars per day for 20 years.”


Image source: Wintermute, wikipedia.org

“Charles Darwin. The religious outcry against evolution was engineered by his academic rivals more than from religious resistance. But even now, after all that politics is centuries dead, there remain people who categorically resist demonstrable fact because of it.”


Image source: ChaoticForkingGood, wikipedia.org

“Heinrich Schliemann. He 100% believed that ancient Troy had really existed. So he armed himself with a copy of the Iliad, and actually managed to find and excavate the city. He’d told everyone and their sister that Troy was a real place for 40 years before he found it, and everyone thought he was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Not so much, it turns out.”

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