15 Creative and Unusual Sleeping Bags

Published 14 years ago

The first sleeping bag, called the “Euklisia Rug,” was invented during the late 19th century by mail-order pioneer and Welsh millionaire Pryce Jones.  Patented  in 1876, the initially design was nothing more than a rug for sleeping, but  Jones managed to sell 60,000 of the sleeping bags to the Russian Army[1, 2].

Now, after more than a century, the modern design does not look anything like the first version, however there are lots of really creative and unusual sleeping bags we want to show you.

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1. Sleep Suit

2. Sleeping Bag For Two

3. Bear Sleeping Bag

(Designed by: Eiko Ishizawa)

4. Shark  Sleeping Bag

5. Cadaver Sleeping Bag

6. JakPak

Jak Pak is a waterproof jacket that transforms into a one person tent complete with insect netting and a sleeping bag.

( Link )

7. Elk Sleeping bag

8. King Tut Sleeping Bag

9.  Jabba The Hut Sleeping Bag

10. Musuc: Suit Sleeping Bags


11. Seal Sleeping Bag

12. Polo Backpack

(Designed by: Anna Perugini)

13. Cocoon – Hanging Sleeping Bag

(Designed by: John Moriarty and Billy Harney)

14. Hand Made Lego Sleeping Bag


15. Adam and Eve Sleeping Bag


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