50 Most Creative Book Dedication Pages Ever

Published 7 years ago

Book dedications are one of the first things you see before getting into the story. And while most authors use that page for something personal, some manage to use it in surprisingly creative ways.

Bored Panda has picked the best ones that utilize first couple words to set up a certain mood, try out new ideas, or simply to get a chuckle out of you.

Is something missing? Then add it in the comments!

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#1 Graduate Texts In Mathematics – An Introduction To Algebraic Topology By Joseph J. Rotman

Image source:  -waterbear-

#2 Relatable

#3 Top-Tier Book Dedication

Image source: vladmandingo

#4 Skulduggery Pleasant – Mortal Coil By Derek Landy

Image source: imasarcasticlittleteapot

#5 Joan Rivers’ Dedication Page Of Her Last Book, Diary Of A Mad Diva

Image source: BrianFishbach

#6 I’ve Never Before Chosen A Book Based Simply On The Dedication

Image source: nsarnoff

#7 No Way Back By Matthew Klein

Image source: JotDownSpain

#8 When You’re So Far In The Friendzone You Get A Book Dedication. Austenland By Shannon Hale

Image source: DarkNinsta

#9 The Selection By Kiera Cass

Image source: amazon.com

#10 City Of Golden Shadow (Otherland, Volume 1) By Tad William

Image source: amazon.com

#11 Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir By Jenny Lawson

Image source: amazon.com

#12 Mortal Gods (The Goddess War) By Kendare Blake

Image source: amazon.com

#13 One Of The Most Important Parts Of Connor Franta’s New Book Is The Dedication

Image source: neverlandricky

#14 Opened Up My Finance Textbook And Found This Dedication

Image source: bagpiper98

#15 Skulduggery Pleasant – Death Bringer By Derek Landy

Image source: imasarcasticlittleteapot

#16 The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics Of Pirates By Peter Leeson

Image source: amazon.com

#17 Finally Sitting Down To Enjoy The Utterly Beautiful, Funny, Captivating New Book From Moose Allain, Which Has The Most Wonderful Dedication

Image source: AndreaMann

#18 I Love This Book Dedication

Image source: jessiekeller66

#19 Hooked On Judd Apatow’s Book Since The Dedication Page

Image source: ZoNaseef

#20 Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang By Chelsea Handler

Image source: amazon.com

#21 E.E. Cummings Self-Published his book With The Help Of His Mother And Dedicated It To The Fourteen Publishing Houses Who Turned The Collection Down

Image source: davidxnovak.org

#22 Product Details The Land Of Stories: Beyond The Kingdoms By Chris Colfer

Image source: DeltaTwpLibrary

#23 The End Games By T. Michael Martin

Image source: SpoonerGibbs

#24 That Moment When You’re Already Amused And It’s Only The Dedication Page

Image source: keribradyb

#25 A Well Written Dedication Can Tell You More About The Author Than Their Bio At The End

Image source: jumpingshelves

#26 To Everyone Who Wonders If I’m Writing About Them

#27 My Next Bedtime Reading. The Dedication Makes Me Chuckle

Image source: rondelle10_b

#28 Picked Up A Book By My Lecturer And I’m Pretty Sure The Dedication Is To His Dog

Image source: JackCBear

#29 Best Book Dedication

Image source: book_magpie

#30 Omg The Dedication In My Lady Jane

Image source: epicreads

#31 More New Life Goal: Someday Writing A Book Dedication Half As Good As This One

Image source: FairfieldJen

#32 The Dedication Page In Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Image source: chronoslinger

#33 Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong By Prudence Shen And Faith Erin Hicks

Image source: amazon.com

#34 They Deserved It!

#35 This Is A Book Dedication

Image source: wokeotter

#36 The House Of Hades By Rick Riordan

Image source: teenagebookland.tumblr.com

#37 Skulduggery Pleasant: The End Of The World By Derek Landy

Image source: imasarcasticlittleteapot

#38 Yes. I Bought This Book Based On The Dedication Page

Image source: MyraFiacco

#39 Found A Great Dedication In A Book I Got For Christmas

Image source: StolafDisney

#40 Skulduggery Pleasant – Dark Days By Darek Landy

Image source: imasarcasticlittleteapot

#41 The Dedication Page To This Book Is Great

Image source: taylorbbt

#42 Thicker Than Water, Melissa L Meyer

Image source: dedicated-to

#43 “Spindle” By E.K. Johnston

Image source: cozyreads_fruityteas

#44 Sometimes I Try To Gauge How Much I’ll Like A Book By Reading The Dedication. This One’s Definitely A Winner

Image source: mar_shells

#45 Perv: The Sexual Deviant In All Of Us By Jesse Bering

Image source: amazon.com

#46 Reading Bryn Greenwood’s ‘All The Ugly And Wonderful Things’ And This Is My Favourite Book Dedication Ever

Image source: ErinElizabeth_J

#47 Funniest Book Dedication Ever

Image source: Raarchel

#48 Enjoying Admiral By Sean Danker. Great Book, Great Dedication. Lookin Fwd To Reading More Mr D

Image source: JTinBooVoo

#49 Makbara By Juan Goytisolo

Image source: amazon.com

#50 Dedication Page Of A Book I Just Borrowed

Image source: alreadytakenusername


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