50 Accidental Cosplays That Are So Good, They Should Have Been At Comic Con

Published 6 years ago

Some people take months preparing for their trip to Comic Con. They spend lots of money, time, and effort trying to look as similar to their favorite characters as possible, getting the costumes right down to the smallest detail. Other people, on the other hand, don’t even need to try, they just get into their normal everyday clothes and they instantly remind everyone around them of some cartoon villain or comic book hero. The pictures below are the examples of the latter.

The people (and even things…) listed below nailed their “cosplays” either because they are complete look-alikes, have vague similarities to a distinct look, or just happened to choose that specific set of clothing that day. Who knew a simple saggy cardinal could make you look like a Jedi anyway? Scroll down to see them for yourself.


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#1 I’m Going To Hell But She Looks Like The Grandmother From Tweety, Right??

Image source: cameragirlsp

#2 Albert Einstein Drives A Cab In New York City

Image source: goooooooneyaka

#3 I Was So Tempted To Ask Him Where His Minions Were

Image source: imgur.com

#4 Professor Snape! I Had No Idea You Actually Faked Your Death And Started Working For Muggle Airlines

Image source: mygoodness82

#5 This Man Looks Like Carl From Up

Image source: Z3F

#6 Linguini From Ratatouille

#7 When Your Christmas Outfit Looks Like A Starfleet Uniform

Image source: Chief_of_Achnacarry

#8 Truly Impressive Obi-Wan Kenobi Cosplay

Image source: LegoLover58

#9 My Friend’s Septic Tank Looks Like Rafiki From Lion King

Image source: SweetSound

#10 My Bus Driver Looks Almost Exactly Like Walter White From Breaking Bad

Image source: OthelloMon

#11 Mario And Peach, Their Later Years

Image source: ratpoison35

#12 Daughter Was Cold After Karate Class = Accidental Jedi

Image source: Shirowoh

#13 Accidental Snow White Cosplay

Image source: VelcroScratch

#14 This Truck Carrying Rolls Of Plastic Looks Like Cookie Monster

Image source: TheSpacePope17

#15 This Man Is Inadvertently Dressed As A Minion

Image source: osamabinwhackin

#16 Looks Like He’s Still Pretty Upset About The Failure Of His Theme Park

Image source: dick-nipples

#17 This Frozen Pond Looks Like Pacman

Image source: clumsy_clumsy

#18 People At The Party Thought We “Looked Like Twilight”

Image source: igivefreetickles

#19 She Is Going To Kill Bill

Image source: iamrussianeagle

#20 You Know That Feeling When You’re Watching 30 Rock And You Realize You’re Dressed Exactly Like Liz Lemon? No? Just Me Then?

Image source: honeygetthekids

#21 This Sink Faucet Looks Like The Squirrel From Ice Age

Image source: ThoseWhoHaveHeart

#22 Who Wore It Better?

Image source: Frazer Harrison

#23 This Shopping Bag Holder Looks Like Jar-Jar Binks

Image source: max_rope_a_dope

#24 Accidental X-Men Cosplay

#25 R2D2 Vacuum

Image source: ARottenPear

#26 This Teacher That Looks Like Khal Drogo

Image source: Badgeros

#27 Looks Like Sam Didn’t Make The Cut At The Citadel

Image source: imgur.com

#28 This ‘Close Door’ Button Looks Like Kenny From South Park

Image source: ScottVFTF

#29 Someone At Work Pointed This Out To Me. Can’t Un-See. Now Embarrassed

Image source: aepennypacker

#30 Jonny Bravo

#31 My Daughter’s Winter Jacket Makes Her Look Like Kenny From South Park

Image source: fraxinuscavum

#32 When You Accidentally Pull Off A Chun-Li Cosplay

Image source: nataschaencinosa

#33 It’s A Very Real Linda Belcher From Bob’s Burgers

#34 My Wife’s Potato Looks Like Admiral Ackbar

Image source: Vanhole

#35 My Mom And Dad Face Swap Looks Like Dave Grohl

Image source: Snake_the_jake429

#36 Lens Flare In This Photo Looks Like Eric Cartman

Image source: Edders_19

#37 When Your Tutor Is A Jedi Knight

Image source: Kozij

#38 A Facebook Friend Of Mine Looks Like The Mailman From Rick And Morty

Image source: paulshnargas

#39 This Slice Of Ham Looks Like Jabba The Hutt

Image source: JiveMonkey

#40 My Binoculars Look Like Wall-E’s Eyes

Image source: El_SpankBank

#41 Accidental The Life Aquatic Cosplay

Image source: thomas_410

#42 My Power Washer Looks Like Mike Wazowski

Image source: Joshuaperlson

#43 My Friend’s Dog Looks Like Falkor From “The Neverending Story”

Image source: PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE

#44 Accidental Top Gun Cosplay

Image source: tinford

#45 This Man Looks Like Cartman

Image source: AThirdFoot

#46 This Duck Looks Like Darth Maul

Image source: bestcoastwesttoast

#47 It Wasn’t Until He Went To The Bathroom At Work That A Friend Of Mine Realised He Was Dressed Like Peter Griffin

Image source: Mat145

#48 Dyed My Hair Blue And Realized I’m Dressed Just Like Sadness From Disney’s Inside Out

Image source: snugbub

#49 Today I Realized I’m Henry From Firewatch

Image source: gayballsmcgee

#50 This Strawberry I Found Looks Like Mario

Image source: RuffianTiffRaff


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