30 Of The Worst Haircut Disasters Shared To This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

Changing your hairstyle to something different is a risky move that takes a little bit of courage, as you’ll never truly know whether it suits you until you do it. And while there’s usually nothing that some hair gel or wearing a hat until it grows back couldn’t fix, some people managed to get hairstyles so bad, even these things couldn’t help them. And only the worst ones end up on the r/JustF**kMyS**tUp subreddit.

The subreddit in question is dedicated to the worst hairstyles out there, and it’s an absolute goldmine of bad decisions. From haircuts that make you look like a Disney villain to fancy mullets, check out a collection of the funniest haircut disasters below!

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#1 He Looks Like A Disney Villain

Image source: Fridge_1_Remasterd

#2 The Brexit; When Your Barber Is European

Image source: reddit.com

#3 A Small Tribute To The Professional Soccer Fraternity For Consistently ‘Winning” Over The Years. Here Are Some Of My Favorites

Image source: TigerBubbles

#4 When Your Company Says No Facial Hair…

Image source: airborneANDrowdy

#5 What Is Even Going On?!

Image source: SammiesHammies

#6 Irresistible

Image source: MonkeyOnYourMomsBack

#7 What In The Name Of Good God, Hopefully Not A Repost

Image source: glueisgood4you

#8 No Let’s Talk About The Hair

Image source: muchPulse60

#9 Give Me The Reverse Dad

Image source: lightlyImpress88

#10 Extreme Karen ‘Do

Image source: CorncobSandwich

#11 I Went To Bed With Wet Hair, And Woke Up Needing To Speak With The Manager

Image source: Farqwarr

#12 Professor At My University Rocking The Bold Two-Tuft Hairline Look

Image source: I_Ran_Over_Oprah

#13 Just Share With Your Loved Ones

Image source: Leo_Remos

#14 Rat Tail In Front?

Image source: britknee1887

#15 Now This Is Cursed

Image source: KyraX007

#16 This Dude Is Running For Schoolboard In My Town. Got A Flyer In The Mail With This Pic And Almost Spit My Drink Out

Image source: StrangeElk

#17 An Old Donald Trump Jr. Yearbook Photo

Image source: spaghettios32

#18 Fantastic Sam’s Circa 1991…

Image source: RobAustinVinyard

#19 What In God’s Name Is This

Image source: cyborg8

#20 Peacock Karen- Lvl 90 Boss

Image source: bpermaculture

#21 Flying Saucers Of The 1980s

Image source: lnchoate

#22 Hair For A Happy New Year’s Eve!

Image source: That_Cartoon_Chick_

#23 Granted, It Was On A Programme About Conspiracies But Still

Image source: Nooodlepip

#24 DIY Ski Mask

Image source: liudeyi

#25 Borrowed. Definitely Belongs Here Tho

Image source: we_all_fuct

#26 Got My Haircut In China: Pic 1 Is What I Asked For, Pic 2 Is What I Got

Image source: krockthewilly

#27 Stockbroker In The Front, Influencer In The Back

Image source: burning-daisies

#28 When You Ask For A Line But The Barber Gives You An Entire Highway

Image source: instilledbee

#29 I ,too, Have Crossed Paths With The Magical Mullet…..spotted In Panama City Beach

Image source: rbloedow

#30 Certified Texan Moment

Image source: BlueTrapazoid

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