30 Bizarre And Funny Hair Disasters People Shared To This Online Group

Published 4 years ago

So the day has finally come – you’ve decided you’re getting a new haircut. You book an appointment, print out a photo of the style you want and head over to the hairdresser. Yet even though you planned on leaving the salon looking like a Hollywood celebrity, somehow you ended up looking like a kid from those hilarious mall photos from the 80s, and start blaming yourself for not bringing a hat.

Don’t worry if that whole situation sounds painfully familiar – most of us have been there. Someone has even created a whole subreddit dedicated to these hairstyle blunders – it’s called “Just F**k My S**t Up“, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Check out a collection of bizarre, funny, and simply unfortunate haircuts submitted to this subreddit in the gallery below!

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#1 I Bet It’s Enchanting To Watch Him Talk

Image source: karamaje

#2 My Soldier Said I Could Post This As Long As I Get Up Votes.. Well I Dont Wanna Disappoint The Kid

Image source: ItsBaca

#3 I Like Any Haircut That Makes An Ear The Central Area Of Focus

Image source: sweet_potato_75

#4 Give Me The Reverse Dad

Image source: Xyeeyx

#5 I Don’t Even Have A Joke To Make For These

Image source: Kwykr

#6 My 10th Grade Year Book Picture

Image source: makemypenisworkagain

#7 I’m Struggling To Find The Words To Describe How Awful This Looks

Image source: KrissiKross

#8 Just Give Me That Microphone Head

Image source: FrogTeam_5

#9 Russian Politician Valentina Petrenko

Image source: garbanzoboy

#10 She Blended Them In Well

Image source: welshie123

#11 … And The Absolute Winner Of All Time Is…

Image source: BeardofSapolsky

#12 The Combover To End All Combovers

Image source: DemonicSquid

#13 A 70 Billion Dollar Haircut

Image source: raconteuring

#14 How Do I Let Everyone To Know I Have Dreads?

Image source: nonametogive

#15 I Paid $50 For This Haircut

Image source: ImBobKazamakis

#16 Give Me That Future White Collar Criminal

Image source: Catspiracy

#17 Tried To Do A Homemade Bowl Cut

Image source: hepdaddio

#18 The Years Have Been Rough For Bart Simpson

Image source: poodlecon

#19 He Needs To Go Back To Jail

Image source: reddit.com

#20 This Dude Is Running For Schoolboard In My Town. Got A Flyer In The Mail With This Pic And Almost Spit My Drink Out

Image source: StrangeElk

#21 This Man Is A Legend

Image source: ChockBox

#22 When Your Transformation Is Complete But You Have To Get Downtown

Image source: buzznights

#23 When Your Company Has A Strict No Beard Policy….but It Doesn’t Say Anything A About A Neckbeard

Image source: reddit.com

#24 This Picture Made Me Scream What The Hell

Image source: reddit.com

#25 “I Need The Worst Possible Style For My Head Shape.” “I Got You Fam”

Image source: satchelmouthswing

#26 The Straw Is The Icing On The Cake

Image source: Leo_Remos

#27 “You Know What A Ballsa-” “Say No More”

Image source: adamsappol

#28 I Want To Die A Virgin. Say No More

Image source: reddit.com

#29 Give Me That “If Dubstep Were A Haircut” Look

Image source: AmorphicMike

#30 I Hate Seeing Kids Getting Forced Into Having Their Hair Cut. He Clearly Doesnt Like This

Image source: fafnirchandesu

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