30 Times People Had Hairstyle Fails That Were Hilarious, As Shared By This Online Community

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever tried cutting your bangs and ended up with uneven super-short bangs? It often happens to many people who like to experiment with their hair. Some do it themselves while others go to their hairstylist and ask them to do something weird with their hair.

Sometimes hairstyle experiments end up being cool, sometimes they end up being funny. Today, we’ll discuss the latter. There is a subreddit called ‘Just [Fudge] My [Stuff] Up’ that is dedicated to “jacked up haircuts from all walks of life”. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Me In Highschool

Image source: abcdef_godthaab

#2 Googled “Mullet Black Man” And This Came Up, What Is This ?

Image source: YoYo_ismael

#3 This Moustache/Soul Patch Combo

Image source: ramdom-ink

#4 You’d Survive A 500 Feet Fall If You Landed In His Hair

Image source: BlackDragonDCR

#5 Iraqi TV Hairstyles Rock

Image source: SonaSierra19

#6 Michael Fabricant – A British Mp. “Give Me That Spaghetti Look”

Image source: probably420stoned

#7 What The Actual F**k

Image source: JusDax

#8 She Just Got Out The Paint Booth

Image source: charlieboyx

#9 Helmet

Image source: sjkbacon

#10 I Can Smell It From Here

Image source: Bogbrushh

#11 Never Too Old To Rock The Johnny Bravo

Image source: Jsalz

#12 That’s Some F**ky Hair

Image source: Dunwich_Horror_

#13 She Looks Like Someone…but I’m Drawing A Blanka On Who

Image source: reddit.com

#14 This Alumnus Of The Lollipop Guild On Divorce Court

Image source: Glandular_Trichome

#15 Jfmsu 1960s Edition

Image source: nudecalebsforfree

#16 Family Matters

Image source: theepussygrabber

#17 My Local Senate Candidate’s Beard Is Trying To Escape His Face

Image source: ConsumerOfFood

#18 This One Needs No Introduction, Give My That Fresh Tarmac Look

Image source: PatonBMX

#19 F I ? R C ?

Image source: MartialWuxia

#20 Does This Count?

Image source: Hootie-Hoo-For-Jesus

#21 +10 Speed

Image source: SimplyJustZach

#22 Back In The Day Man, My Mom Was Hot!

Image source: CalbertCorpse

#23 Just Like The Photo Please

Image source: He11scythe

#24 Who Let Them Leave The House Like This

Image source: comradetoad

#25 Whoever Did It To Em Bogus

Image source: SnooAvocados2656

#26 Ummm

Image source: GetChecked__

#27 Just Give Me The Most Jacked Up Karen Look Possible

Image source: Heather2k10

#28 Younger Putin Has His S**t F**ked Up: Not Much Changing Over The Years

Image source: ramdom-ink

#29 Saw This In The Dmv

Image source: jon0509

#30 Fresh Cut Spotted On Bbc Sunday Morning

Image source: Nenies3110

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