35 Cool And Genius Designs That Might Inspire You To Create Something New

Published 7 months ago

In the realm of design and innovation, human creativity knows no bounds. Throughout history, individuals have envisioned groundbreaking ideas, from solving everyday problems to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Today, we’ll take you on a journey through some amazing instances where people had brilliant design ideas and transformed them into remarkable realities. These innovations not only enhance our lives but also inspire us to think beyond the ordinary. Check out some of the coolest and most creative designs in the gallery below.

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#1 This Table Has Been Designed So It Leaves Heart-Shaped Imprints On Your Carpet

Image source: Davoserinio

Kim : ” Finally somone that gets bothered by those dots in the rug as much as me”

Anyone-for-tea? : “I’d like it to leave little paw prints! Maybe you can buy pawprint protectors?”

#2 These Doughnuts Are Designed To Look Like The Classic Ones Out Of The Simpsons

Image source: RordanJeed

Skinny Pig : “Wait until they find out that the donut from The Simpsons was based on real donuts that look like this…”

#3 This Kohl’s Mannequin Has A Prosthetic Leg

Image source: hellslave

Kim : “Well both of them are actually”

#4 The Dog Fountain You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

Image source: Breakevenbooks92

Kim : “Dogs projectile vomiting?”

#5 A Globe That Shows Elevation

Image source: trielock

sbj : “I need this, I could spend hours studying it”

#6 My 1st Grader Lost A Tooth During Class And The School Sent It Home In This Tiny, Tooth-Shaped Container

Image source: smugmisswoodhouse

Kim : “Cute smart and thoothfull 🥁I’ll show myself out.”

#7 My Hospital Has A Fake LED Window On Its Ceiling

Image source: TheGrimReefah

Kim : “Dentists should have this”

#8 Ear Anatomy Model With Miniature Construction Crew At The ENT Office

Image source: Mechstyles

Kim : “Ear” eee 😉

#9 A Mexican Restaurant Near Me Moved Into An Old KFC. Instead Of Removing The Colonel, They Just Added A Sombrero, A Mustache, And A Poncho

Image source: razor10000

Blondie23 : “that is hilarious! Until they get sued for using his image wrong. But funny all the same!”

#10 The Core Of This Dog Poo Bag Roll Says “Use Bare Hands Now”

Image source: reddit.com

S. E. in Indiana : “Glad to see companies like this that make it fun.”

#11 The Ceiling Lights In This Medical Test Lab Are In The Form Of Electrocardiogram

Image source: thesahilpatel

Kim : “Unsettling if the lights go out”

#12 I Found A Tiny Pocket Knife At A Music Festival

Image source: shroomsaregoooood

Sum Guy : ” That’s a normal sized knife for something out there”

#13 Local Mattress Store Gives You A Mini Mattress For Your Doggie When Buying A Regular One

Image source: Tirfing88

Kim : “Thats cute, so when the dog takes over your bed you can sleep on his mattress on the floor.”

#14 These Teacups Look Like They Have Little Holes In Them

Image source: UncannyDonuts

mulk : “why it make me uncomfortable?”

#15 Desk Lamp Shaped Like A Book

Image source: 1alex2lee

Nancy Marine : “Just take my money!”

#16 My Tires Have Percentages Cast Into The Rubber That Slowly Appear The More Miles You Drive So You Know How Much Tread Depth Is Remaining

Image source: Turbo224

Kim : “Genious and probably lifesaving for some”

#17 This Dental Office Trims Their Shrubs To Look Like Molars

Image source: SuperSuperCereal

sbj : “The shrubs look more like bottoms”

#18 The Local Brewery Doesn’t Have Gender-Specific Bathrooms, Only Stalls With A Specific Type Of Toilet

Image source: Cyko_Somatic

#19 That’s Some Damned Good Design

Image source: Ozyman_Diaz

#20 This Mailbox That Is A Scale Model Of The House

Image source: doctorwoods7

#21 Balcony In The Shape Of A Wine Glass, Italy

Image source: Reddituser0346

#22 The Zip On My New Lunch Bag Is A Tiny Spoon

Image source: Kelly960

#23 Good Hair Day Pasta

Image source: me-anton

#24 This Box-Shaped Building Near Me

Image source: Nugasaki

#25 Helen Keller, Maya Angelou, And Eleanor Roosevelt Barbies. There’s Braille On The Helen Keller Box

Image source: Str33twise84

#26 This Donut Shop Looks Like A Donut Box

Image source: rhetorical_poop

#27 This Is Carpet

Image source: oversearaise

#28 Cat-Specific Eye Chart On The Wall Of A Vet Office

Image source: NonsequiturSushi

#29 Watering Can And Spray Bottle

Image source: WhatDidIReadHere

#30 Guilty As Charged

Image source: Palifaith

#31 My Residential Neighborhood Has Signs For Your Dog

Image source: Qwertyboi2

#32 This Glass Is Made So The Little Bubbles In Your Drink Form The Brand’s Logo

Image source: sopholopho

#33 Some Mannequins At Disney World Have Hearing Aids

Image source: WitherPhantom

#34 Probably The Most Clever DVD Design I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: Bukki13

#35 Anti-Pollution Sign By A Lake In Evergreen, Colorado

Image source: lalala850

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