Creative Snow Sculptures Appear In Streets Of Japan After A Heavy Snowfall

Published 7 years ago

Heavy snowfall is upon the lands of Japan and the locals are making the most of it by turning snow into the sculptures of beloved characters from Studio Ghibli movies, Pokémon or even viral videos.

It’s not uncommon to see amazing snow sculptures in Japan, but they’re usually seen during the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, which draws thousands of spectators who get to pick their favorites out of thousands of sculptures. But this time the snow is so plentiful that everybody got to join in the fun.

(h/t: rocketnews24)

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Image source: xiakea


Image source: haruflower.beautytree


Image source: @gezerun


Image source: kiyoyuki2445


Image source: yuri_3wave


Image source: japan_hokkaido_furano


Image source: chiikamagram


Image source: yuumin0213


Image source: tsubasa.shinya


Image source: kazu.sae


Image source: misatorororo


Image source: fine_glide


Image source: 41kawahara


Image source: karaage1120


Image source: beta58a330

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