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20 Cool Things Posted On The Online Group “Something I Made”

Published 11 months ago

Handmade things have a different vibe – they are unique, display their own character, and are usually made with love, hard work, and dedication. And the feeling after you finish creating something is extraordinary, isn’t it?

There is a subreddit called “Something I Made” in which people share their beautiful handmade works with the online community. Check out some of the best works shared on the online group in the gallery below, and share your own creative DIY projects in the community.

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#1 I Made My Daughter This Armor From Leather, Wood, Plastic, And Brass And Foam Sheet

Image source: UptonDide

#2 I Did A Shirt! This Is The 3rd One I’ve Made And I’m Super Pleased With How It Turned Out, Despite The Wobbly Top-Stitching On The Pocket

Image source: Dudderz_

#3 Pencil Portrait I Drew Few Weeks Ago. (Pencils On Paper)

Image source: fojteflon

#4 I Made Every Part Of This Outfit, Corset And Petticoats Included!

Image source: ZetaMakesThings

#5 Some Of My Favourite Hand Embroidered Landscapes

Image source: jadeillustrates

#6 I Designed A 3D Printed Mirror Array To Propose! The Mirrors Are Angled So That Just Before Sunset, They Reflect The Sunlight To Spell “Marry Me?”

Image source: bencbartlett

#7 I Made Some Cloud Pendants!

Image source: wintersky__

#8 A Mailbox I’m Building. Steel And Copper

Image source: sludgefudge

#9 I Made These Huge Paintings For My First Solo Exhibition

Image source: KingSteven11

#10 One Of My Works About Humpback Whales

Image source: AmoyCK

#11 I Make Canvas Bags, Here’s My Latest! Naturally Dyed With Madder Root And Cochineal

Image source: Safielx

#12 I Preserve And Frame Spiderwebs!

Image source: wickednympet

#13 2.5 Years Sober Tomorrow; I Painted This For An Art Auction Benefiting A Local Sober Living Facility

Image source: jasmin_cage_art

#14 “Holding Hands” Silver Ring Made By Me

Image source: Hendrix0

#15 I Previously Posted This Elsewhere But Kept Being Told To Post It Here. So Here Is My Alien Abduction Outfit. I Made The Top, Skirt And Necklaces

Image source: love_wear

#16 I Made A Portrait By Smashing Glass!

Image source: NiallShukla

#17 One Of My Favorite Rings I’ve Made

Image source: magick_alchemy

#18 I Won First Place At The Fair This Weekend For My Cross Stitch!

Image source: Andromeda321

#19 I Made These Ceramic Ghost Buddies With Tea Lights!

Image source: happyclaypot

#20 Painting I Did Like Looking Through The Rainy Window Of A Car

Image source: jer_088

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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