30 Clever Ways People Reused Old Items To Create Amazing Things

Published 1 year ago

Upcycling has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, as people look for ways to reuse and repurpose old items. Repurposing involves taking an object that is no longer useful in its current form and turning it into something new and functional. This not only saves money and resources but also encourages creativity and resourcefulness.

The Upcycling subreddit is a great place to find inspiration and see how others have transformed ordinary objects into something new and useful. Listed below are 30 works posted on the online community that shows how creative and resourceful people can be.

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#1 Earrings Who Lost Their Mates Turned Into A Charm Bracelet

Image source: MartoufCarter

#2 Pulled Out Of A Trash Heap. It Was One Part Of A Military File Cabinet. Thorough Cleaning, Paint And A Little Shining Up Followed By Wrapping It In Wood From My Scrap Pile. Added Some Legs And Bingo Bango!

Image source: PigwidgeonWeasley

#3 Not Eating With My Fingers, Luckily I Had A Supply Of Charity Shop Cutlery, I Planned To Experiment With Stainless Steel Before Lockdown

Image source: ioanese

#4 If It Works, It Ain’t Stupid. Made From Glued Together Delivery Boxes

Image source: Psychosispersonified

#5 Upcycled An Old Suit Jacket And Curtains For My Daughter. I Love Everything About It

Image source: KittenSludge

#6 I Take Plastic Shipping /Bale Straps From Hardware Store Waste, And Make Sturdy, Functional & Fashionable Baskets! (My Cats Also Love Them At Every Stage)

Image source: lycorisette

#7 Found An Old Piano With Severe Waterdamage. Would‘Ve Been A Pity To Throw It Away

Image source: Confident_Order_899

#8 Turned A Thrifted Blanket Into These Ridiculous Sweats

Image source: dopamiineonline

#9 I Made A Carpet From Old Clothes And Bedsheets

Image source: annabellinchen

#10 My Mom Was Throwing Out These Curtains So I Made A Dress Out Of Them

Image source: RezraRoze

#11 My Continued Exploration Of Quilting Methods Through The Use Old Denim Jeans And Corduroy Pants. Which Colours Your Favourite??

Image source: noah10293

#12 Coffee Bag Jacket By Me

Image source: noah10293

#13 My Grandpa’s Refrigerator Died. My Grandma Got New Shelves For Her Sewing Threads

Image source: Hauser747

#14 Scored Some Gold Curtains (With Some Slight Wine Damage) And Turned Them Into The Belle Gown!!

Image source: stephmiche

#15 I Upcycled A Thrifted Men’s Polo Into A Two-Piece Set. I Drafted The Pattern Myself, The Mini Skirt Has A Yoke, Box Pleats, And An Elastic Waistband. I Kept The Collar On The Top And Made It Into A Halter With A Lettuce Hem! Everything Is Sewn With An Overlock & Finished With A Double Needle

Image source: transformedbytracy

#16 Upcycled 3 Old T-Shirts Into 1 New One

Image source: Bydanielpearce

#17 I Upcycle Bulbs, Vacuum Tubes And Watch Parts To Make Steampunk Inspired Insect Brooches And Sculptures

Image source: Spankyspanglerdesign

#18 A Retro Tea Trolley From Facebook Marketplace Given A Colourful Makeover With Paint And Fabric

Image source: knittedowl88

#19 Boring White Cups, Not So Boring Anymore After They Met Me

Image source: Julianatalia

#20 Picked Up A Free Cardigan That Looked Much Better In Photo Than In Person, So I Turned It Back Into Yarn And Crocheted A Cat Bed Out Of It

Image source: couchpotatolady

#21 I Made A 3pc Denim Dress Out Of 8 Pairs Of Jeans

Image source: ktkn0423

#22 Broken Umbrellas Into A Parkas

Image source: hero_to_0

#23 I Turned An Old Microwave Cart Into A Rolling LEGO Stand For My Daughters For Christmas

Image source: SweetHeidiJo

#24 Made These Two Tone Pants Out Of A Pair Of Pants With A Busted Crotch And The Other Pair From The Thrift Store That Didn’t Quite Fit Right. I’m Very Please And Proud Of The Outcome! $6 For The Whole Project! All Of The Pockets Are Functional Too

Image source: safety_pin_era

#25 My Sister Upcycled This Stove Top That I Caught Magnet Fishing A Few Months Back

Image source: gaz_de_la_raz

#26 Before And After Refreshing My Worn Office Chair Using Old Clothes/Textiles That Were Destined For Donation. Also Added Some Nice Roller Blade-Style Wheels For Extra Weeeeeee

Image source: xiakpr

#27 I Upcycled A Thrifted Blouse & Lace Scraps Into A Silk Lace Cami. I Drafted The Pattern Myself. The Cami Has Adjustable Straps & Lace Applique. I Hand Dyed The Lace With Botanical Dyes (Coffee And Charcoal). I Love The Final Product

Image source: transformedbytracy

#28 Hello! I Turned Bifold Doors Being Given Away On My Local Free Site Into Holiday Decor For My Front Porch (Hand Painted)

Image source: swanli4

#29 I Upcycled Scraps From Wool Blankets Into A Hoodie

Image source: kozak3

#30 Before And After: These Were Being Tossed. Knew They Had Potential

Image source: dieselpuma

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