30 Ugly And Creepy Designs That Will Give You Nightmares

Published 3 years ago

Not all designs are created equal, and some of them turn out, well, let’s just say “not as good” as others. However, sometimes designers manage to mess up so bad, their designs skip the category of “not as good” and go straight to “creepy” or even “nightmare-inducing”.

The users of the r/CreepyDesign subreddit are sharing the most disturbing designs they’ve come across, and most of the could perfectly double as props in a horror movie. From creepy clown showers to bizarre hairy nails, check out some of the ugliest designs that probably should have never seen the light of day in the gallery below!

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#1 Mother…. Mother…. I Crave Violence Mother!

Image source: Exotic-Bandicoot-888

#2 You Know, I Think I Don’t Need To Shower Today

Image source: Piano1987

#3 Tubers Of Terror

Image source: zeethreepeeo

#4 A Night Light That Keeps You Awake

Image source: howardkinsd

#5 Uh That’s Gonna Be A No From Me!

Image source: This_Chaotic_Life

#6 This Finding Dory Night Light Is Perfect For Kids!

Image source: MattNavarra

#7 Another Boris Johnson-Looking Mf

Image source: thefishgodThallas

#8 But Why Did They Give It Teeth?!

Image source: tone_deaf_bard_

#9 Reddy Kilowatt

Image source: jeffmartin48

#10 Creepy Beethoven

Image source: phanteli

#11 In A Hotel And Was Going To The Bathroom, Took A Wrong. This Chair Was Sitting In A Corner

Image source: Prekkan

#12 Quickly, Turn Around, My Face Is Terrifying

Image source: scottriddochmusic

#13 Can We Please Bring This Back?!

Image source: pixie_shroom

#14 Smile!

Image source: whiskeyballs

“Brush your teeth kids or I will end you”

#15 This Rose-Themed Bedspread

Image source: supermariofunshine

#16 Uh ….

Image source: Derp_1997

#17 This Kid Mannequin

Image source: Forward-Homework2570

#18 Hair Nails

Image source: creepydesign

#19 I Am Mortified

Image source: RaptorDoggo

#20 I’m Very Sorry But I Saw This Then Have To Post It To End People’s Dream’s


#21 Could Have Hated Baby Yoda Even More

Image source: Erogers47

#22 Another Reason For Kids To Be Terrified Of The Dentist

Image source: zeurgthegreat

“Demons at my local dentist”

#23 An Ice Cream Parlor Mascot In Southern France

Image source: OnlyUnoMan

#24 Well… This Is Something…

Image source: Mr_Jayden_Clark

#25 Historical Creepy Design – Mickey Mouse Gas Mask From WWII

Image source: ltsMuuri

#26 Dora With Back Removed

Image source: SeamoSto

#27 Children’s Museum

Image source: Souper_Troll

#28 He Watches

Image source: Ghostfrog46

#29 Santa Always Knows What You’re Doing!

Image source: Geigudr

#30 Muscle Man

Image source: reddit.com

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