Epic Design Fails That You Won’t Believe Actually Happened (45 New Pics)

Published 5 years ago

Good design is great but bad design is terrible and no one will ever let you forget it. That’s the general rule of thumb every designer should keep in mind. Yet that doesn’t seem to stop designers from occasionally coming up with designs so ridiculous, they make us laugh out loud.

From confusing bathroom signs to eye-poking mugs, see the design fails in the gallery below and don’t forget to check out more here and here!


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#1 This Ad Was Meant To Depict How Much The Tiger Had Grown In 10 Years. Instead, It Looks Like….

Image source: BanAllPineapples

#2 The Elders At My Brother-In-Law’s Church Got To Design The Church League Softball Shirts. The Thought “Cli” (Christian Life International) Alone Wouldn’t Signify A Church, So They Added The Cross. Magnificent

Image source: Iamabonermachine

#3 I’m Never Going To Find Any Help Here…

Image source: theladytraveler

#4 This Ad For Graduation Photography

Image source: box_cardinal_peanut

#5 Nothing Like The Smell Of Coffee And A Good Eye-Stab In The Morning

Image source: CosmeBuzzanito

#6 Paypal Fail

Image source: Vitrousis

#7 Commas People

Image source: TardyFriend3

#8 Unfortunate Hole Placement

Image source: Noah_ebb

#9 Ah Yes I Was Looking For A Soap Dispenser Labeled “Ketchup” With A Picture Of Grapes

Image source: stanfiction

#10 Who Thought This Placement Would Be A Good Idea?

Image source: agdietzel

#11 The Placement Of This Smaller Baby Care Booklet Within This Magazine Doesn’t Seem Very Well Thought Through

Image source: Jakeyboi555

#12 I’ll Take The Next Bus, Please!

Image source: Lethal_Chicken_56

#13 Found This Masterpiece At A Local Restaurant

Image source: Ysoshes

#14 That’s Gonna Be An Easy Ride

Image source: The_unchosen-one

#15 Where’s The 0?

Image source: AlbertSPedersen

#16 Maintenance Put New Locks And Handles On The Gates For Security

Image source: chanpancakes

#17 Just Watched A Guy Go Into The Wrong Bathroom At Toronto Pearson Airport. He Was Looking At The Top Sign

Image source: AdmHornblower

#18 What Animal Is That?

Image source: seppukupenguin

#19 My Local Magazine’s Editor Might Need To Double Check Some Stuff

Image source: herohippo

#20 Lovely View

Image source: aDisabledOrphan

#21 Mama Bear Is Welcoming Everyone

Image source: kiskassta

#22 It’s Cool Just Do It At Night Mate

Image source: Corey_Austin1

#23 The Woman Isn’t Driving In This Article About Women Being Better Drivers

Image source: Paprico

#24 I Don’t Understand Why These Erasers Exist… They Just Ruin Everything

Image source: Malvo85

#25 Try Being Drunk And Walking Into This Place

Image source: KyouLV

#26 The New Basketball Court In My Neighborhood

Image source: marinaniet0

#27 Very Unfortunate Straw Placement

Image source: ricepudding1203

#28 Alrighty Then

Image source: WhatTheFuckKanye

#29 Your Toe Isn’t Stubbed Yet? Challenge Accepted

Image source: MistakesNeededMaking

#30 This Picture In My English Textbook

Image source: gabor016

#31 Our Charter Bus

Image source: Koobers24

#32 Yup I Love Looking At The Back Of My iPhone

Image source: Derp0-0

#33 He’s Taking Two Steps

Image source: Cambrony

#34 Anime Pewds

Image source: bryteezykun

#35 A Pen My Teacher Gave Me

Image source: Veyron730

#36 Are We The Baddies?

Image source: dahliabeta

#37 “Casually”

Image source: JeffThePug

#38 Three For The Price Of One

Image source: stidesforty

#39 Gotta Include One Of These With Every Card! You’re Going To Need It After I Cut Your Hair

Image source: gamezjakee

#40 I Was Helping My Cousin With His German Homework And I Saw This Masterpiece

Image source: KociakPL

#41 Ah Yes, The 18-24 Year Old Baby

Image source: Whirboo_Whind

#42 What Was This Sensor Original Meant To Do Anyway?

Image source: gunstarheroesblue

#43 Replacing The Egg Shell With More Plastic To Go Into The Ocean

Image source: ShinigamiDady

#44 May No Child Succeed

Image source: Kaizoku-D

#45 At A Bar. Almost Madea Terrible Mistake

Image source: potatohead657

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