20 Pics That Prove We’re Living In The Most Boring Dystopia

Published 3 years ago

Back when we were kids, a lot of us imagined that in the future we’ll have flying cars, space tourism, robot butlers, and various other cool technologies. However, what we got is major pollution, global inequality, and a bunch of people who refuse to vaccinate despite a global pandemic. Probably not the type of future many of us hoped for.

The reality is that we are living in a dystopian world – and a boring one at that. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the r/ABoringDystopia subreddit. The members of this community regularly share pictures that remind us what an unfair and unforgiving world we live in, and they’re the perfect reality check that a lot of us need. Check out some pictures that perfectly capture the boring dystopia that we live in below!

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#1 Found In The UK

Image source: zidalax

#2 “Who’s Going To Pay For It?”

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Apparently Actually Reading A Bill Before You Vote Is Cause For Hilarity

Image source: reddit.com

#4 In America, We Got Celebrities Singing Imagine

Image source: Agoodusername53124

#5 Pretty Weird…

Image source: ProGamer14719

#6 ‘Murica

Image source: tetrahedron0

#7 Essential Employee

Image source: justlooking033


#8 When People Try To Act Like Companies It’s Illegal

Image source: nvboettcher

#9 What I Got For ‘Employee Appreciation’ After Working An Entire Year During A Pandemic

Image source: hylandzz

#10 [Screw] Me

Image source: Expareasse05

#11 Oh Fun

Image source: xathsmaticx

#12 You Think 4 Billion People Could Take The 8 In A Fight

Image source: KeyTall6727

#13 And Call People Back

Image source: franswaaz

#14 You Can’t Afford A Home, But You Can Pay Rent

Image source: JunkyDragon

#15 Only The Rich Can Be Brave

Image source: Dragonus_Aang

#16 Seems About Right

Image source: mintycheesestick

#17 Why Did Blue Collar Become Unskilled Labor?

Image source: fekumama

#18 The Ruling Class Wins Either Way

Image source: wiggybig

#19 Look At The Bright Side

Image source: svs213

#20 This Might Be Too Crazy But Hear Me Out, The System May Be Rigged

Image source: BecauseIamBatman1

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