The “Urban Hell” Online Group Is Dedicated To The Most Depressing Photos Of City Life (30 New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever thought about the dark side of modern cities and towns? Although they have developed so much in the past few years, everything is not great in these urban dwellings. According to a subreddit “Urban Hell”, we are living in a dystopian world where one part of the population is thriving amazingly well, and the other part is suffering. From streets buried in loads of garbage to trees made of plastics, these Redditors have shared heart-wrenching pictures of the side effects of modern development unfolding right in front of our eyes.

If you want to witness the sad reality of the cities across the world, here are 30 images that portray “all the hideous places human beings built or inhabit” according to the subreddit “Urban Hell“.

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#1 A Boy Gathers Recyclable Items From A Semi-Dry Drain, At Taimoor Nagar In New Delhi

Image source: ParaMike46

#2 Magnitogorsk, One Of The Worst Polluted Cities In Russia. Only 28% Of The Children Born In The Town Are Fully Healthy

Image source: Travel_legend

#3 Inequality In Tembisa, South Africa

Image source: PTRMT

#4 Ah Yes, Trees

Image source: MAAAS399

#5 Norilsk, Russia

Image source: carlelov

#6 San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, USA

Image source: Sayl0

#7 Residential Building In Hong Kong, Shot By Me On 35mm Film

Image source: dredogue

#8 Town Square In Bartoszyce (Poland) Before And After

Town Square In Bartoszyce (Poland) Before And After

Image source: slopeclimber

#9 Disgusting Canal Near My Home In Manila. I Wish People Just Would Bother To Care How Our Environment Is Dying Fast

Image source: AgentFive005

#10 Ferentari, The Poorest Area Of Bucharest, Romania – Most Apartments Are Squatted And Have No Electricity, Hard To Believe This Is In The European Union

Image source: biwook

#11 The Flag Of Urban Hell

The Flag Of Urban Hell

Image source: thefridgeinthegarage

#12 Las Vegas

Image source: Zealousideal_Ad4636

#13 Not Sure If This Fits The Sub, Gallons And Gallons Of Water Wasted Just To Keep Lush Green Golf Fields In The Middle Of The Desert

Image source: runy05

#14 16th Century Mill Surrounded By Brand New Concrete In Seaside Bulgaria

Image source: proBICEPS

#15 Guangzhou Aerial

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#16 “Lying Skyscraper” In Moscow. About 736m Long

Image source: wicnfuai

#17 Children Playing Basketball Near The John E. Amos Coal-Fired Power Plant In Poca, West Virginia

Image source: ParaMike46

#18 “Vertical Slum” Luanda Angola

Image source:

#19 Distance Between Two Apartments, Guangzhou

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#20 Intersection Of Two Avenues In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Image source: RAEL_ATK

#21 Bliska Wola Tower, Warsaw, Poland. Sunlight Rarely Reaches The Bottom Floors, And Some Apartments Are As Small As 18 M²

Image source: gaymeteorologistlol

#22 Inequality In Mumbai, India

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#23 Preschool In Newark, NJ, 1994

Image source: FromLuxorToEphesus

#24 Only Surviving Photo Of A Hoarder House Demolished Around 2007 In Nagoya, Japan

Image source: biwook

#25 Copy Paste

Image source: Mrmime10

#26 Wuhan, China

Image source: tittlemans-crest

#27 Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Image source: gustaver19

#28 Paris, France. A Studio In The Building Between The Boulevard And The Train Rails Highways Starts At 800€/Months. If You Qualify!

Image source: NormPa

#29 Amazon’s New Fulfillment Center In Tijuana, Mexico

Image source: Azrael612

#30 Fencemageddon 2 – The Panelling! Pretty Standard View Of English / Irish Estates

Image source: ParaMike46

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