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Man Turns A Creepy ‘Dungeon’ Into A Luxurious $592,000 Apartment

Published 3 years ago

Renovating a home is a job that not many are willing to take upon. Not only does it require skill and time, there are numerous unexpected things that pop up during the process that make the initial budget skyrocket. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, the end result more than makes up for all the hard work and hours you put in. And if you’re still not convinced, just ask British man Jamie Barrow who recently turned a damp old basement into a cozy and luxurious apartment.

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Snowboarder Jamie Barrow recently transformed a damp old basement into a luxurious apartment

Image credits: Rightmove

Even though Jamie is a Guinness World Record holder for the fastest speed on a snowboard while being towed by a vehicle, snowboarding clearly isn’t his only talent. The man has already renovated 6 properties before and says this one has been his biggest project yet.

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

Back in 2017, Jamie noticed that the historic Georgian townhouse that he owned property in had a basement and sub-basement for sale.

The man spent years renovating the basement but the end result was totally worth it

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

In an interview with Bored Panda, Jamie said that the basement was a communal area but it wasn’t used due to its state. That’s when the man figured that since it wasn’t used anyway, he could turn it into something nice. “So I approach the people who owned the building to see if they would be up for selling me that area. After long negotiations, they agreed to it,” said Jamie.

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

Jamie saw potential in the abandoned old basement almost immediately – and his hunch didn’t let him down.

After Jamie shared the before and after pics, they went viral almost immediately

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

“It was quite scary to go down there at night on your own,” said the man. “It was something like out of a horror film, but I looked passed it and saw the potential of this property.”

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

The project cost Jamie $137,000 and three and a half years of work but the man said that he’s very proud of the restoration and hopes it’s going to be enjoyed for at least another 100 years. The property is currently on sale for $592,000 – you can find the listing here.

The renovated basement is currently on sale for $592,000

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

The man has been renovating homes for 7 years now and said that it initially started as something to keep himself occupied during the summer when he couldn’t go snowboarding. “I found the cheapest one-bedroom flat I could find in Bath and started with that. It went really well and I made a decent amount of money on it, which was a surprise to me because I wasn’t really planning on making much on it as it was just a passion project to me,” revealed Jamie.

Let’s hope we see more amazing projects from Jamie in the future!

The man was very proud of the end result

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

Image credits: Jamie Barrow

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