40 Creepy Facts That Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

Published 8 months ago

The month of October is always celebrated for its scary elements. So it bodes well for the month of Halloween that a page on X has been doing eerily well considering its creep factor. 

Replete with spooky facts and stories, the “Creepy Knowledge” account boasts a spine-tingling collection of thrilling tales. Scroll to read some of the most chilling stories and mysterious phenomena that were found on the page that may give you the heebie-jeebies. 

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Image source: CreepyKnowledge

PlatinumThe8-BitCatBecause I wanted to know what happened, I looked up her name and apparently the police arrived and arrested the man and nobody was hurt


Image source: CreepyKnowledge



Image source: CreepyKnowledge

NanaKinda love this


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

NanaForget 0 to 100 real quick. That started at 100 and went up from there.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Panda-sized PotatoDo yourselves a favor, and do NOT look this up. I’m not sleeping tonight, or any night for that matter.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

HippopotamusesIt never ceases to amaze me the lengths children have gone to throughout history to avoid eating their brussels sprouts!


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Katie LutesingerWhat a romantic.

General Anaesthesia: I’m sure she appreciated the gesture :)

Sunny FoxgloveIt really was an act of romance. He was in love with her but his father, who king at the time didn’t approve. He married her anyway and they had children. Furious, the king secretly ordered her killed. She was brutally murdered in front of her children. The prince was stricken by grief and when he became king he had her exhumed and crowned and ordered all the men who had spoke badly about her and plotted her death to kiss the hand of his wife, who should be his rightful queen.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa)I can’t stand watching any TV show with a laugh track anymore. Everybody loves Raymond ruined me. Ray Romano is so not funny and the laugh track just makes it worse. I was literally counting the seconds between LOLs and bored as hell.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Lotus Flower in Space 🪷‍Ram! My man.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

troufaki13So that’s where Zara drew inspiration for their ads!! 😅


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Panda-sized PotatoLooks like Dr Robotnik. Also looks like he needs clothes.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

David A PatersonNice drawing. The Jungian “shadow” archaetype.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Roger Lickers: 1361


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Adam JeffIf anything it looks more like the shadow of a crucified Justin Bieber


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

NanaI mean if they managed to do that and put in all the hard work to steal it, they probably earned it. That’s low key impressive. 😆


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

SheamusFanFrom1987What in the actual fishcake…!!!


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

CoMa4What a tragic and beautiful place.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa)Yeah Catholicism can get pretty weird. They probably did this to overturn some of his edicts that had become problematic.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

The Scout (edited): The strangest thing about this is that while premature burials were extremely rare, the fear of them was not. It was something close to mass hysterics at the time, helped by stories and novels like Edgar Allan Poe’s “Buried Alive” and similar. Doctors at the time sometimes carried a “heart knife”: If they pronounced someone dead, they afterwards stabbed him to the heart to make sure he did not wake up in the grave.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Gimme that CashThey don’t pose much of a threat to humans and usually flees when alarmed. Not particularly dangerous to humans.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

David A Paterson: Not so much creepy as apposite.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Elizabeth ElliotThey also display ‘burrowing response’ where they crawl into confined spaces – looking like someone has concealed a body..


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Skullface VonHornhelmThis is really mild compared to the other things on the list.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Na SchiSo much for Rest in Peace.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Lotus Flower in Space 🪷‍Someone forgot to switch off the radio before the Soviet Union fell. Wouldn’t want to see that electric bill.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Lame LlamaIf he was onboard then the yacht was not abandoned, was it?

Let’s Be Kind: Schrödinger’s boat.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Panda-sized PotatoHome Depot’s latest Halloween decoration.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Moosy Girl: I’d think presenting the actual living actors alive would be more effective to clear the murder charges…


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Susie ElleThe roots of those teeth look incredibly long

Nicky ShrimpsX-ray tech here. It’s the angle.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

BecSince the nails appear to be close together, wouldn’t this be similar to the bed of nails, more entertainment than torture?

Michael Parsons: A bed of nails is still extremely uncomfortable, the downward pressure is distributed along the length of the entire body, and the person only lays there for a brief period of time. Here, your entire body weight is on your butt and thighs. This would be torture.

marianne ElizaIf you’re a slim person. Well, at least until they start placing the weights on your lap.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

David A PatersonDid it work?

Michel De Ruyck (edited): I haven’t seen a single vampire in the last 200 years so I think it must have …


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Panda-sized PotatoThat is wrong on so many levels.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

David A PatersonAn extreme form of body dismorphic disorder, where the affected person believes that some part of their body doesn’t belong to them.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge



Image source: CreepyKnowledge


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Sian EdwardsThese don’t necessarily belong to children. It’s more likely that they belonged to the Liquidators who went in after the area was evacuated. Don’t forget, the Soviet government didn’t even tell the people of Prypiat and the surrounding areas about the severity of the incident, and when they did evacuate, the people were encouraged to believe it was for 3 days. Almost no precautions were taken with the safety of the public until then. The gas masks were likely abandoned by the Liquidators when they were released from duty, they could have been using the school as a base of operations. They left most of the equipment behind, from gas masks to clothing to the fire engines and helicopters because they were too radioactive to take from there.


Image source: CreepyKnowledge

Kurichfield: Nope…clown…double nope


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