25 Bone-Chilling Stories Of The Creepiest Things Seen In Broad Daylight

Published 4 months ago

The internet, with its vast expanse and diverse communities, is a treasure trove of shared experiences. Recently, a chilling thread emerged on Reddit, inviting users to reveal the creepiest things they’ve witnessed in broad daylight.

The response was overwhelming, with some brave souls stepping forward to share their spine-tingling encounters. Buckle up as we delve into the unnerving narratives that unfolded in the virtual realm, revealing the unexpected horrors lurking in plain sight.

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Image source: ITeechYoKidsArt, Skitterphoto / Pexels

I was at the gas station pumping gas and the guy on the other side of the pump gave me the creeps for no hood reason. Took me a few miles down the road to realize there was no steam coming from his breath. I’m not sure if that’s special but it was cold enough for me to have ice in my mustache that morning.


Image source: 5sack, Geoff Wong / Wikimedia

I was sitting outside, having coffee, journaling in an tucked away spot downtown, some junkie decided to join near me and proceeded to lift up his pant leg and itch what was essentially his bone, his leg was in total decay, most of his shin had been rotting away. i looked at him and asked if he wanted me to call an ambulance or get him some care, he met my eyes kinda groaned and just stared and itched. i got freaked out and just left. i was like 15..i was a few blocks away from a hospital and clinics, so i figured he wasn’t too far from help if he chose it.


Dude walked through the lobby of the building where I was a teller on the first floor. He had a gun, a ski mask, and was wearing all black. He walked straight through the building and out to the parking lot when he proceeded to psych himself up. He was shaking his arms and jumping up and down, really giving himself a peptalk. And then he ran away. I called the police and they ramped up security. He robbed a restaurant down the street later that night and admitted to to the detectives about wanting to rob my bank.

Image source: Everstone311


When I was in college, I think it must have been around 2008, I was driving to campus through a nice residential area, and there were two little girls in the middle of the road up ahead. I don’t remember specific details of what they looked like, but I remember them creeping me out (maybe because of The Shining).

One of them lifted up a dead squirrel by its tail, like…clearly for me, in the oncoming car, to see. I turned down a side street and just went around them.

Image source: CawfeePig


Image source: DeaddyRuxpin, Rob Griffin / unsplash

I was driving down a long road thru the woods and there was a guy standing on the side of the road holding an ax. No other car around and no houses around. Just the guy, standing there, with an ax. About an hour later I was driving back the other way on the same road. The guy was still there, still holding the ax.


I was hanging out with a few friends in a parking lot after a car meet. Next thing I know is this guy is testing out his Honda hatch and sped across the parking lot to see how fast it would go. He didn’t know there was a drop off at the end of the parking lot into a lake. All I remember was seeing the taillights fly in the sky and disappear into the darkness. Found out later the car flipped over upside down into the lake where he fell immediately unconscious after hitting his head on the windshield and steering wheel upon impact and sadly passed away. Days later we went back and found the steering wheel beside the water… Here’s the video of some clips everyone put together from that night. We all were there trying to save him, I recall jumping in the water trying to get him out. I still remember feeling the door handle underwater …

Image source: txmagicmike


Image source: GoodGuyGlocker, Sandra Seitamaa / Unsplash

I saw an old man die while eating in a restaurant in LAX while waiting for my flight. He was sitting alone at a table and just collapsed. EMTs came and did CPR, etc, to no avail and carted him off covered with a sheet. This was the middle of a weekday. People everywhere.


Image source: afebk47, Andrew Wong / Flickr

I was driving behind a pale blue, windowless van on a spring afternoon. A light turned red, and as I pulled up behind the van, the driver turned to look in his side mirror and I saw he was wearing a hockey goalie mask. Scared the bejeezus out of me.


Image source: Lespaul42, Israel Defense Forces / Flickr

Not quite broad daylight but more like dusk.

I look out my front window and see a lump on my lawn that looks out of place.

I think… That really looks like a dude in a ghillie suit on my front lawn.

I keep staring at it and become more and more convinced it is a dude in a ghillie suit. And I start to freak out a bit and don’t know what I am supposed to do in this situation… Like do I call the cops?

Then a bunch of neighborhood kids run up to the lump and the actual factual real dude in a ghillie suit gets up. It was an older kid or a dad or something playing hide and seek in a ghillie suit.


Image source: gg_oujia, Jaanus Jagomägi / Unsplash

I was in a parking structure walking to my car and I noticed someone following me ( I assumed we parked near each other) when I turned around to look he ducked behind a car so alarm bells rang, he kept creeping from behind cars so I turned all the way around and i watched him slide under a car maybe 4 away, then creepily crawl towards me under all the cars. This whole time he was bug eyed staring at me. I yeeeeted out there and informed the parking attendant at the gate.


Image source: DickieJohnson, Gylfi Gylfason / Pexels

The creepiest thing for me was when I was out surfing in northern California. It’s really cold dark water and I was out by myself. I was sitting there waiting for a wave and my leash felt like it was caught up which it does sometimes. I like to fix it before a wave comes so there’s no hindrance when I go to stand up. Well I pull at it a little and it feels like seaweed or somethings on it. I turn towards the back of my board and there is something on it, a harbor seal whos sitting on the back of my board laying on my leash. Scared the f**k out of me but me screaming scared the f**k out of him and it went back into the water and I paddled in. I know it’s not the creepiest thing in this thread but it definitely scared me pretty good.


Image source: Shiny-And-New, nara

I don’t know about creepy but for sure shady:

I was in an extremely uncrowded Chinese restaurant (it was just me and the staff, sit down place not a strip mall joint) when a very large,  very well dressed man came in and went and sat at the bar. He ordered an orange juice and nothing else. The OJ never came but a minute later the bartender handed him a brown paper bag and he left.


Image source: isabellab1997, Roy Reyna / Pexels

Was taking the subway one day, a lady was walking around chugging a massive bottle of hot sauce. Bloodshot eyes, tears streaming down her face. Of course she sat next to me on the two seat bench. At first she was complimenting my nails and then she just started staring at me, much too close for comfort. She still had tears down her face, still chugging the hot sauce. I made a comment asking if it was good or something. She acted like I was crazy for noticing it? This was at least two years ago and I still can’t get her face out of my mind. Hope she’s doing well.


Image source: mahboahlenah, Darpan / Unsplash

Driving down a small rural road in the middle of nowhere Arizona, probably just a few miles north of the border. Passed a man walking, clearly Mexican and clearly had just come a long way. He shouted “agua” as we passed so we pulled about 200ft in front of him, dropped off the only carton of water we had, and kept driving. As we got back on the road and looked behind us a whole family was with the man now running towards the water. I guess they were walking in the brush next to the road.

Maybe not creepy but I think about it a lot. Im from Appalachia so all the signs in the southwest saying not to pull over to assist people on the road made sense to me back then. I hope they got where they were headed


Image source: molliebrd, Vlad Fonsark / Pexels

Shared a taxi with a couple coworkers coming back from a brunch event in Georgetown. The three of us got quiet when we saw a tall lanky guy. Grey skin and a way too small head. Before we could say anything the driver shouted yo yall seein’ this too?!


Image source: Findibulator, Nabeel Syed / Unsplash

Back in my military days I was walking to base one day and saw a lady run out into the four lane rush hour traffic. By the time I got to where she was, she’d been hit by at least four cars at speed. The part I saw was just both arms and part of the torso connecting them. Nothing above or below. Police ruled it s***ide. I’ve saw plenty of s**t in my ten years of service, but that one stuck.


Image source: incognitochaud, freestocks.org / Pexels

I watched a m**der of crows follow a Toyota Corolla into a mall parking lot. The car parked, and a greasy-looking middle-aged man got out. He bee-lined for the mall entrance without once making eye contact with the crows who were now following him. At the last second before entering the mall, he tossed a big handful of peanuts over his shoulder and the crows went wild. It seemed less like the man was controlling the crows, and more like the crows were controlling him.


Image source: New_Tank9612, Maria Orlova/ Pexels

I was 12 and walking to my grandparents house carrying my pet to drop it off before going on vacation. (My grandparents house was 2 doors down from my own) while I was walking, a random car pulled up next to me and the man rolled down his window. he said, “do you have a dog? I just saw a dog walking down the street and it might be yours. you wanna come try and pick it up with me?” I was 12, but not an idiot. I’m a woman, my mother taught me better than that. I stayed far away from the car, said no, he insisted I stay, but I fled, and quickly walked to my grandparents house. I told my family the story, they called the police, and little 12 year old me had to talk to the police over the phone on my way to the airport. I described him, his car, everything i could remember. turns out, the man was wanted for burglary and attempted kidnapping. I count myself lucky. the creepy thing is, this happened basically right outside my home, in my “safe” neighborhood, when “coincidentally” no one else was around. Never saw him again.


Image source: FaintestGem, National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

I work “security” at a hospital. I really just sit outside of the construction zone where they’re doing remodeling and make sure homeless people and teenagers don’t get in. But I’m also sat right outside the door they use to take the bodies out. There’s just something eerie about how like…. discreet and impersonal it is? Not that I expect there to be some sort of fanfare when someone dies. But they’re just wrapped in quilts or thick blankets, quietly loaded up into an unmarked van and…that’s it. It’s a major hospital so there’s several bodies wheeled out every day. Worst is when you know it’s a child but I thankfully don’t see much of that. They tend to wait until the middle of the night so less people see so they don’t upset people. Always just strikes this weird feeling in me when I see them.

Edit: I should also say that there *is* a bit of fanfare if they’re an organ donor. The doctors and nurses will line up along the hall when they take them out and have just like, a little moment of silence. Like a way to express their thanks for this person inevitably helping someone else. Very bittersweet.


Image source: Oxajm, Monserrat Soldú / Pexels

Went to eat at a restaurant, the hostess (elderly lady) sat us at our table, said “enjoy your meal” and proceeded to drop dead right there.


Image source: theredgoldlady, Amber / Unsplash

I saw a man speeding around a busy grocery store parking lot, windows rolled down, screaming at the woman who was in the passenger seat. He kept speeding up, braking, and was screaming at her the whole time.

I called the cops and watched her do a rolling jump out of the lifted truck right when the cops pulled in to the parking lot.


Image source: I_Ace_English, Jens Mahnke / Pexels

A guy drove up next to me as I was taking a walk around my neighborhood and asked for directions. The road he named was the next road down, and I told him so. What made it creepy was that the next words out of his mouth were a request to get in his truck and guide him. I was a 15 year old, but I’m a stick of a person even now. I knew if this guy decided to stop and grab me I had no chance of getting away, so I did what anyone would probably do: I told him no and, because I was on a section of sidewalk directly behind my house, cut through the backyard and booked it inside. I locked every door I could and called my dad to find out if he was working out that day, and ask him to skip if he could. My poor father came home and immediately showed me where the emergency release is in his trunk, and how to find the button to turn off brake lights. I’d heard the “don’t go into a stranger’s car” line so often growing up I honestly thought it was another myth to scare kids into not wandering around. It’s up there with a bear encounter as one of the scariest things I’ve experienced.


Image source: pownij

Got lost driving through Montana and wound up in the middle of nowhere. Saw a small town (maybe like 15 buildings total) and figured I’d ask for directions. As I got closer, I saw that it looked like it was abandoned – houses all dilapidated and in disrepair. But every house had a shiny new car in front of it. Not sure what it was about, but my gf and I both got real bad vibes from it and just drove right past.


Image source: rivertam2985, Matthias Zomer / Pexels

We live in Florida and raise cattle. One day a calf died. No idea why. When we found it, it was laying along the fence that separates the pasture from some woods and a creek. It was a healthy calf, probably weighed 250-300 pounds. It had been fine the day before, but the vultures had been at it so we couldn’t tell how it had died. We went back the next day to bury it, but it was gone. We could see where it had been dragged under the barbed wire fence and into the woods. We hopped the fence and followed the drag marks, thinking that maybe coyotes had been at it. However, the marks disappeared, then, maybe 20 feet away, the ground was disturbed where the calf had been put down and dragged a bit, then the drag marks disappeared. This went on for a ways, until we found the calf’s skin. That was all that was left. Something carried an animal that weighed at least 200 pounds through the woods. We’re not really trackers and the pine needles and leaves on the ground didn’t leave any clear prints. Just the drag marks. We’re a couple of hundred feet in the woods, looking down at this calf’s skin on the ground. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got goose flesh. I was nearly overwhelmed by the need to get the hell out of there. We didn’t run back, but we did walk really fast. Still don’t know what took our calf. The next day something spooked the cows so that they nearly stampeded through our working pen, knocking down and trampling some of the panels. No idea.


Image source: pancakeonions, sv1ambo / Wikipedia

Driving down the 5 in California, I saw a car drift across the center divide (it’s a massive highway in the middle of nowhere with a big grass divide maybe the equivalent of 3-4 lanes wide) and directly into a semi truck going the other way. I was probably 2-3 cars behind the drifting car. Neither vehicle had hardly any chance to brake, it happened over the course of maybe 2 seconds. It literally exploded into pulverized dust. No flames or fire, just a massive explosion of glass, metal, paint, and, presumably, the occupants. The semi shuddered horribly, but with its massive inertia, it seemed to lose very little forward momentum…

Happened so fast we were past it in seconds. The poor person must have fallen asleep at the wheel or something.

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