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“Cringetopia”: This Online Group Shares The Most Awkward And Cringey Posts Out There (20 New Pics)

Published 1 year ago

All of us have said or done some cringy things in the past. Lucky for us, most people have probably forgotten about them, and these embarrassing memories only remain in some dark corner of our minds. However, not everyone was this lucky – some people actually ended up posting their cringe online. And you know what they say about uploading things to the internet – once it’s there, it’s there forever.

People at the r/Cringetopia subreddit are sharing the cringiest posts they’ve come across, and they’ll make you feel lucky that the internet wasn’t so widely available when you were younger. Check them out in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous post here!

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Image source: keemstar


Image source: neilhimself


Image source: siempremajima


Image source: PoonSwoggle


Image source: AbelNB


Image source: BilingualThrowaway01


Image source: Grant_w1999


Image source: The0xt0


Image source: Bushboiwilly


Image source: TopMindOfR3ddit


Image source: Load_Disk


Image source: RetributionRay


Image source: jhovudu1


Image source: THEbrent19




Image source: __Dawn__Amber__


Image source: B34TBOXX5


Apparently You Can't Eat Food By Yourself?

Image source: rocketship94


Image source: BlanketMage


Image source: local_parcel

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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