10 Creative Collars That Will Take Your Dress Shirt Game To The Next Level

Published 7 years ago

Do collars bring up the images of some boring corporate office job? Well not for long, because we have a whole collection of creative collars that will open up new possibilities for your daily outfits.

These collars range from cute embroidered pets resting on your shoulders to pieces of classic art like the Great Wave of Kanagawa, to satisfy every taste and mood. Now you just have to figure out what outfit works best with a giant butterfly around your neck. (h/t)

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Image source: Purple Fish Bowl


Image source: Purple Fish Bowl


Image source: Elle Fanning


Image source: Nunu


Image source: Purple Fish Bowl


Image source: Purple Fish Bowl


Image source: redvalentino


Image source: Storenvy


Image source: dorafashionspace


Image source: flapperdoodle

Ok, you’ve got one for yourself, now get another creative collar for your pet.


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