30 Pictures Showing The True Beauty Of Ukraine

Published 2 years ago

As Ukraine continues to deal with the conflict with Russia, people all over the world are sending love and support to them. Everyone is hoping for peace to be restored. The number of people killed is increasing day by day, the largest plane Antonov AN-225 has been destroyed, and many cities have been bombarded. No one really wins a war, there are only losses in the war.

Today we have collected some photos of Ukraine that were taken before Russia’s invasion. Many people are not aware of the culture, architecture, and traditions of the beautiful country that gained its independence around 30 years ago. Here are some photos that might give you a new perspective on Ukraine.

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#1 Just A Metro Station In Kyiv

Image source: Tovarish_Petrov

#2 Independence Square In Kyiv

Image source: jekaloc

#3 Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: KantKay11

#4 Church Of St. Nicholas On The Water

Image source: marga__da

#5 Freedom Is Our Religion. Kyiv, 2017

Image source: rc_warsaw

#6 Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: bademus23

#7 The Love Tunnel, Ukraine

#8 Darnitsky Bridge In Kyiv

Image source: priroda.ukrainy

#9 Vozdvizhenka – A Pearl Of Kyiv. The Elite Micro District Of The City. Each Element And Color Perfectly Refined, They Show A Real Rainbow

Image source: dorka_danceandtravel

#10 Christmas Tree At Sofiyivska Square In Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: istetsen

#11 Stanislav Grand Canyon In Kherson Moutains, Ukraine

Image source: andrevas_lv

#12 Old Wooden House In A Forest. Ukraine, The Forest Next To Zbrui Village

Image source: EoghanMuzyka

#13 Church In Voevodyno, Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Image source: RapidEddie

#14 Found This Amazing Building While Visiting Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: augustostberg

#15 Illuminating Photo I Took On A Trip To Lviv, Ukraine

Image source: rustyquad

#16 House Of Scientists – Lviv, Ukraine

Image source: Numberwang

#17 Spring In Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: EoghanMuzyka

#18 Kyiv, Vozdvizhenka District, September 2020

Image source: benjamin.koenig136

#19 Staryi Solotvyn, Zhytomyr Region

Image source: margosha_gangalo

#20 Pillow Sculpture In Kyiv

Image source: d_arias_art

#21 Revival Mural In Kyiv

Image source: dendy_d

#22 Evening Kyiv With Motherland Statue In Background

Image source: A_Lazko

#23 Baroque Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: oldfriendarkness

#24 “Keep In Touch”. Popasna, Donbass, Ukraine

Image source: seth_globepainter

“When I asked the kids what was the meaning of this painting, they mostly answered that it spoke about love.

In Popasna, the war divides people, not only geographically but also in their convictions. This wall is a tribute to the children of Popasna who manage to stay together despite the adults’ madness.”

#25 Motherland Monument In Kyiv, Ukraine (102m – Taller Than Statue Of Liberty). Museum Of WW2 Inside

Image source: bademus23

#26 Kyiv, Ukraine. St. Nicholas Cathedral

Image source: TechnicalVersion7300

#27 Peaceful Kyiv

Image source: pnmrvalexey

#28 “Golden Gate” Is One Of The Most Beautiful Metro Stations Not Only In Ukraine, But Also In Europe

Image source: marga__da

#29 People’s Friendship Arch In Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: dmitry__prikhodko

#30 Colorful Kyiv

Image source: jenyaiaryna

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