Russia Invaded Ukraine And Here Are 30 Important Posts Showing Things That Have Happened So Far

Published 2 years ago

Last week, Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine, and things have escalated since then. Many innocent lives have been lost and the Ukrainians are all ready to fight back. People all over the world are showing their support for Ukraine and hoping for peace.

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has declared that he and his people will stand firm and fight for the freedom of their country. Amidst this crisis, the international reaction is also worth noting – people are standing in solidarity with Ukraine as worldwide protests are being seen. Scroll below to see some updates that were posted online.

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“Yesterday, I posted a picture of a young Ukrainian couple who married the day Russia invaded their country. Today, Yaryna, 21, posted this picture on her Facebook page, proudly displaying the AK-47 assault rifles, received from the government, so she and her husband Sviatoslav, 24, can join the resistance and defend their country.”


Image source: Milion chvilek pro demokracii

“80,000 protest Russian invasion in Prague’s Wenceslas Square”


Image source: daisykg

“This is how Poland is welcoming refugees from Ukraine at train stations and they spent whole night there too – with food, water, clothes, cars, accommodations, medical and psychological help. It’s not government funded- these are people spending own money and time.”


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“17% od Ukrainian army are women. Absolutely bada**”


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“Azerbaidjan based fuel company, SOCAR, is offering FREE gas for Ukrainian ambulances and SES”


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“Ukrainian man removing a landmine from the road with his bare hands (Berdyansk, Ukraine)”


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“Tbilisi, Georgia 26.02.2022 Second day of non-stop protest. We are still here. Ukraine please stay strong! Слава Україні!”


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“Road service employees are dismantling road signs across Ukraine in order to complicate navigation for the invading Russian troops”


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“I Think This About Somes Up The Performance Of The Russian Army Thus Far.”


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“Lviv based Pravda brewery switches from making beer to making Molotov cocktails. The brewery announced the plans after Ukraine’s Defense Ministry instructed civilians to make Molotov cocktails to resist invading Russian forces. The label says ‘Putin is a d*ckhead'”


Image source: -martinique-

“Massive protests against occupation of Ukraine in St. Petersburg, despite thousands of arrests”



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