Ukrainians Share The Conditions They Are Living Under During The Russian Invasions (15 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

It has been a week since Russia invaded Ukraine. The bombings are still going on and many innocent lives are at stake. Many Ukrainians have left the country as the conflict is intensifying. However many of them were unable to flee or decided to stay. The ones who are living in Ukraine right now are posting online updates about their conditions.

Many Ukrainians are living in bunkers and bomb shelters to stay safe. Scroll below to see some pictures shared by Ukrainians giving a glimpse of their experiences during the war.

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#1 Kyiv Residents Spend Night In Makeshift Bomb Shelter Established In An Undergound Car Park

Image source: mirrornow_in

#2 A Brewery In Ukraine, Has Suspended Its Beer Brewing Operations And Is Now Making Molotov Cocktails For Residents To Use Against Invading Russian Forces. The Labels On The Bottles Say “Putin Is A D@#khead”

Image source: aarb69

#3 POV: You Live In Ukraine. Taping windows with scotch-tape so they wouldn’t shatter

Image source: alina__volik

#4 Ukrainian Woman And Her Daughter Standing In Front Of Their Burning House And Saying “Thank You” To Putin. Kharkiv, Ukraine

Image source: alesiafromukraine

#5 POV: You Live In Ukraine. Having an emergency backpack with essentials prepared

Image source: alina__volik

#6 “Our House Is Destroyed”

Image source: birtiko

#7 Newborn Babies Are Being Taken Care Of In A Basement Used As A Bomb Shelter At The Okhmadet Children’s Hospital In Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, Feb. 28, 2022

Image source: voadeewa

#8 Mother And Four Kids Huddling Together In A Cold Basement Functioning As A Bomb Shelter

Image source:  aleksandra_q2

#9 Family Set Up A Bomb Shelter In A Basement

Image source: lucia_lju

#10 People Sleeping In A Metro Car As The Underground Metro Systems Double As Bomb Shelters

Image source: vlado0o4ka

#11 Trying To Enjoy The Life How I Can. Really Scared, Wish Everything Ends Soon. Pray For Us

Image source: gr_otesque

#12 “Bringing The Dog Into The Bomb Shelter, 26/02/2022”

Image source: yaansy

#13 A Tearful Kyiv Resident Sings Ukraine’s National Anthem As She Cleans Shattered Glass In Her Apartment

Image source: ctvnews

#14 This Family’s Homely Bunker

Image source: valerisssh

#15 “The House Has Not Yet Been Completed, But The Basement With The Neighbors Has Already Been Settled In …. Peace To All!”: Multiple Families Huddling Together In Underground Basement

Image source: ruslanagoncharova0

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