30 Hilariously Relatable Programming Memes Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

When you think about it, computers are both a blessing and a curse. Sure, they can solve difficult calculations that send people to space but they can also make people’s lives an absolute nightmare when something goes wrong. Well, love them or hate them, they’re here to stay – and as long as they’re here, we’ll need programmers and IT people to help solve all of our computer-related issues. Thankfully, most of them have a great sense of humor that makes their jobs a little less frustrating.

As the name suggests, Programmer Humor is a subreddit that’s entirely dedicated to the funniest IT and programming memes, and some of them hit way too close to home. Check out some of the best ones in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our earlier article here!

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#1 Debugging Is Cool

Image source: navneetmuffin

#2 Easier Than Submitting A Bug Report

Image source: General_Tie

#3 Me As A:

Image source: taranasus

#4 What Was The Previous Electrician Thinking?”

Image source: Maleficent_Phase_204

#5 Every Day Is Like This

Image source: nitr0gen_

#6 No Comments

Image source: Sudipta_Kundu

#7 Yeah, This Seems About Right

Image source: Iforget1234z

#8 Normal Screen Size

Image source: Sufficient-Brush-636

#9 Unbelievable

Image source: ihs_ahm

#10 Harder That Writing Code

Image source: yuva-krishna-memes

#11 Dear Universe Please Include This In The Next Update

Image source: soozennei

#12 Choose Your Fighter

Image source: iamkarlson

#13 I Program With Python

Image source: Code_12c

#14 A Fair Criticism Of The Universal Language

Image source: aykay55

#15 What About 5000?

Image source: stijen4

#16 Teach A Man To Program Without Google, Frustrate Him For Eternity

Image source: TTVOperatorYT

#17 *sad Freelance Noises*

Image source: hetfield37

#18 I Feel Attacked

Image source: AggressiveIyAvg

#19 I’m Sure His Wife Was Thankful

Image source: Xorgon


#20 Trying To Learn C

Image source: Vercidium

#21 Speed Cameras + Sql?

Image source: Erick_Og

#22 What Is This Failing?

Image source: omar2205

#23 Oh Yeah!

Image source: Rachid90

#24 Keep Dreaming

Image source: yuva-krishna-memes

#25 Oh I Misspelled

Image source: Thers_VV

#26 How Not To

Image source: Wulfagen

#27 The Future Of Ai

Image source: barathonucmnm

#28 Finland Has No Regards To Human Rights

Image source: ArnulfHill

#29 “I Don’t Need To Read The Documentation, I Can Make It Work!”

Image source: Aedene

#30 Make The Computer Go Beep Boop

Image source: bobby_vance

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