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20 Small Acts Of Bravery And Resistance Against War, As Demonstrated By Ukrainian Civilians And People All Over The World

Published 1 year ago

It has been more than a week since Putin invaded Ukraine and the war has already led to losses of innocent lives. People are living in constant fear and uncertainty in Ukraine.

Although the times are dark, some civilians in Ukraine and people all over the world are doing small things to create a big impact. After all, sometimes little acts of bravery can prove to be extremely powerful. Scroll below to see some small acts performed to support Ukraine and to resist war that were posted by people online.

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Image source: NickPoole1


Image source: olex_scherba


Image source: JessiePang0125


Image source: fatimatlis


Image source: gwo_design


Image source: olgatokariuk

#7 One Man’s Protesting In China

Image source: LeoM21


Image source: KatyaYushchenko


Image source: LatestAnonPress


Image source: ThePandaFama1


Image source: QueenAbenaa


Image source: Ghost_of_Kiev


Image source: Osinttechnical


Image source: YourAnonNews


Image source: RonFilipkowski


Image source: backwoodsbob1


Image source: m_tsitskishvili


Image source: ukraine_world

#19 In St.petersburg, Russia, The Police Detained A Well-Known Survivor Of The Siege Of Leningrad Yelena Osipova At An Anti-War Protest

Image source: DomWaits


Image source: DmytroKuleba

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