20 Memes Showing Sympathy And Support For Ukraine

Published 2 years ago

Memes have become a way of expressing a myriad of emotions these days. As the Russia-Ukraine conflict arose, memesters began creating posts about the things that are unfolding during the war. Although war is not a matter of joke, we feel that people need some break and some smiles during these dark times. Thus we have collected some memes that are revolving around the internet these days.

Most of these memes are showing support for Ukraine and are appreciating the Ukrainians for being brave and courageously defending their country. Scroll below to see some of those memes.

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Image source: vepsalainen


Image source: Lynda9291


Image source: trusk89


Image source: talesftf


Image source: Biz_Ukraine_Mag


Image source: Ukraine


Image source: ATwatterUser1


Image source: ChristopherJM


Image source: Unknown


Image source: Meme4Ukraine


Image source: Meme4Ukraine


Image source: Kayn1lol


Image source: myunclesmemes


Image source: EdCaspersen


Image source: MujeliKhalil


Image source: Meme4Ukraine


Image source: davidmweissman


Image source: Ninuts1989


Image source: Meme4Ukraine


Image source: Go_Habs_Go31

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