30 ‘Cursed Comments’ That Will Make You Question ‘WTH Did I Just Read?’

Published 2 years ago

Welcome to ‘Cursed Comments,’ a community of over 3.2M ‘cursed individuals’ collecting and sharing screenshots of the darkest yet inappropriately funny comments made by people online. It’s relatively tricky to determine which comments fall into the ‘cursed’ category. Still, according to the subreddit’s ‘About’ section, it kinda makes sense: “upon seeing a cursed comment, your first reaction should be along the lines of “What the F$k did I just read?”” As it describes, those comments “not only make you feel mystified but also draw a smile on your face.”

This subreddit is definitely not for everyone, perhaps not for the sensitive. But if you are one of those who sometimes find themselves laughing at things they probably shouldn’t, this might be the community for you. Or are you a member of the Floor Gang? Then you have probably heard Pewds describe Cursed Comments as ‘the worst subreddit’ that ‘needs to be banned.’ Well, see for yourself! 

And don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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#1 Cursed Birthday Party

Image source: AdventureMormon42

#2 Cursed_coughing

Image source: ThijmenTheTurkey

#3 Cursed_confusion

Image source: Tas-Sis

#4 Cursed_girlfriend

Image source: just1clown_3

#5 Cursed Afterlife

Image source: Tortilla_Chip_

#6 Cursed_vegetative State

Image source: sipthestreets

#7 Cursed_sport

Image source: Naughty_Dog814

#8 Cursed_world_tour

Image source: ExplodiTions

#9 Cursed Countries

Image source: HAK1US

#10 Cursed_family

Image source: biominimal

#11 Cursed_twitter

Image source: fitisnaxty

#12 Cursed_meal

Image source: Suede-Pimpson

#13 Cursed Hit And Run

Image source: Smruthiisameme

#14 Cursed_sexually

Image source: sampai2006

#15 Cursed_s**t

Image source: Forsaken_Grand_69420

#16 Cursed Bears

Image source: 0DarkChar0

#17 Cursed_fish

Image source: AMarvelFan717

#18 Cursed_halloween

Image source: CamdalorianYT

#19 Cursed_breath

Image source: owowdatsucks

#20 Cursed Oral

Image source: joestar1103

#21 Cursed_steve

Image source: Hornyanddepressed275

#22 Cursed Cup .

Image source: karan_kholia

#23 Cursed Vagina

Image source: IMgonnaDIEverySOON

#24 Cursed_sleep

Image source:  Sad-Economics-1488

#25 Cursed_suicide

Image source: wyattbutler

#26 Cursed_andy

Image source: M4_M00

#27 Cursed_reality

Image source: s-classic1102

#28 Cursed_bambi

Image source: A_Novelty-Account

#29 Cursed_family

Image source: ZyberZeus

#30 Cursed_organs

Image source: MushuTheGreat17

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