35 Adorable Pet Adoption Pictures To Make Your Day A Little Better

Published 7 months ago

In a world where millions of animals find themselves abandoned or neglected, the act of adoption and rescue shines as a beacon of hope. People from all walks of life have opened their hearts and homes to these furry friends, transforming the lives of both humans and animals alike.

In this compilation, we celebrate some heartwarming stories of the most adorable pets adopted and rescued by individuals who chose compassion over indifference.

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#1 I Asked For The Least Adoptable Cat… Ended Up With A Sweet Bundle Of Love

Image source: Fluffy-Designer

Multa Nocte : “You are my hero/heroine! 🥰”

#2 Recently Adopted A Kitten, Was Worried He Wouldn’t Get Along With My Dog

Image source: zachp0wer

Content Wombat : “That dog has had enough of that kitteh :)”

#3 Rescued Violet 1 Week Ago

Image source: HospyNursie

ThatCapybara : “Gorgeous happy snoot :)”

#4 Our Latest Rescue

Image source: pdonettes

Chilli : “hello bubba!”

#5 My Neighbors Were Evicted And Abandoned Their Cat. I Decided To Adopt Him. Meet Mimi

Image source: Pogys

Gem : “Derpy blep”

#6 My Step-Mom Adopted A Cat For Her Elderly Parents. We Were Nervous Her Dad Wouldn’t Like Him

Image source: kittyishhh

sbj : “Look like they were made for each other”

Biana Weatherford : “Cats can melt thru the stubborn!”

Ruth Harper : “My dad was always a dog person. But he bonded really strongly with my kitty. He’s the one who decided she needed her whiskers brushed after meals. He spoiled her more than I ever have.”

#7 Rescued This Little Fella From Being Thrown Away. She’s Now A Part Of The Family

Image source: DJ-Zero-Seven

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “How could anyone throw this precious gem away?”

#8 Adopted This Mama Cat And Kitti

Image source: Crafty_Check_889

Shark Lady : “Mama will end you if you upset her baby. Also, awesome ears.”

#9 Rescued This Little Girl From A Trash Compactor. Her Name Is Sylvie!

Image source: Aquarius_Bitch

Kristy Nelson : “That is so awful. I’m so thankful you saved her!”

#10 We Just Adopted A Rescue. Meet Popcorn!

Image source: willevans1972

RandomPersonOnline : “She’s so smol!!”

#11 Adjusting To Indoor Life After Being Adopted From The Parking Lot

Image source: PartyMud

PlatinumThe8-BitCat : “One of my cats is from a parking lot and he is the goofiest cat ever and loves cuddling.”

#12 Adopted At A Rescue And Newly Groomed. Truffles, Good Girl And Terror Of Squirrels

Image source: UCFLegion

ThatCapybara : “Terror of squirrels indeed 😰😉”

#13 Today, I Adopted A Street Cat And Her One-Day-Old Kittens

Image source: shahid_555

Chilli : “I love the bebes!!!!!!!”

#14 We Adopted A Second Cat Today. He And Our First Cat Are Working Things Out

Image source: coinpile

Anne Jones : “Black cat saying..Listen here, I’m the boss right? Don’t look at me with those big eyes, all cute and Floofy…I said I’m the bos…..oh, ok then. I’ll do whatever you say….”

#15 My Newly Adopted Puppy Is One Silly Sleeper

Image source: mll2000

ThatCapybara : “potato blep”

#16 Rescued This Little Guy Tonight, Can Anyone Give Insight On His Age

Image source: LadyMcRib

Hawkmoon : “Based on the eye color which apparently hasn’t changed yet, I would say between 3 and 6 months, closer to 3 given his size.”

#17 I Just Adopted Her And Named Her Duchess. Dutch For Short

Image source: NBD2016

Tabula Rasa : “ Majestic void…”

#18 On The Euthanasia List At An Animal Shelter Instead, She Got Adopted And A Puppuccino From Starbucks

Image source: moncking

ThatCapybara : “Not the euthanasia list 😭 so glad she was saved”

#19 Meet Naomi! She Adopted Me A Week Ago And I Wanted To Show Her Off!

Image source: asm485

Shark Lady : “That’s a very boopable snoot.”

#20 Happy Halloween From Benny! 15 Y.o. Just Adopted Him Last Week!

Image source: helicopterlanding

Chilli : “what a charming fellow”

#21 Decided To Adopt The Hissing, Swatting, Growling One At The Shelter. Took Her Less Than A Day To Turn Into The Sweetest Cuddle Bug

Image source: gotpoopstains

Anna Losonczy : “That’s what love can do. She just needed love.”

#22 Daughter Was Worried About The Adopted Void Being Accepted

Image source: screaming_avacado

Shark Lady : “Magnificent, bushy tails.”

#23 I Am In Love With My 6 Weeks Old Cat

Image source: hamada625

Rebelliousslug : “I am also in love with your 6 weeks old cat”

#24 I Rescued 3 Kittens From My Construction Job Site

Image source: realogy

Tabula Rasa : “OMG! What an adorable trio..!”

#25 Accidental Hug While Brushing A Newly Adopted 15yo Pittie

Image source: alittle_disabled

ThatCapybara : “He’s a chonker 😦❤️”

#26 Adopted My First Dog, Her Name Is Bug

Image source: httpsal3m

Rebelliousslug : “The only bug I want crawling on me”

#27 Adopted A Sweet Bait Dog

Image source: BuddhaDaddy88

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “I hate the very idea of animals suffering like that. Please give her lots of extra love from me.”

Winnie the Moo : “Omg that poor face. Look at how they harmed that pretty face. Those people should be hanged..”

#28 Just Adopted This Sweet Boy, Can’t Believe He Was Left Behind By His Previous Owners

Image source: Limp-Bacon

Shark Lady : “I hate people who just leave their pets behind when they move. If you can’t take them with you, or you just decide you don’t want them anymore, at least take them to a shelter so they have a chance of finding new humans.”

#29 Brother And Sister We Adopted Together Who Cuddle Constantly

Image source: takeagender

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “The tabby looks like Audi. His stripes are that thick and dark on his legs, too.”

#30 We Adopted This Little Orange Cutie

Image source: MdnightRmblr

Gem : “Ed sheeran?”

Manic Mama : “Please call him “Juice”. Then he can be orange Juice!”

#31 Just Adopted This 11 Year Old Love Bug

Image source: irishrose381

Shark Lady : “Kitty looks like they are guarding the new human they just adopted.”

#32 This Is Weasley And Capucine Adopted Thru Our Shelter. The Big Boy Was Lonely (And Really Playful) So His Human Adopted A Little Sister For Him. Things Seems To Be Going Great

Image source: sonia72quebec

Tabula Rasa : “Two very happy brain cells..!”

#33 Just Adopted Two Tiny Voids

Image source: Celthara

H G : “Awww, what’s the opposite of a black hole?”

Auntriarch : “Aww I need a brooch like this”

#34 Officially Adopting My Street Foster Jpeg, Look At Her Brother’s Happy Face!

Image source: freyaeyaeyaeya

#35 Just Adopted. Her Name Is Juniper!

Image source: littleponine

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