25 Dads Who Found Effective Hacks For Their Kids

Published 2 months ago

In the ever-evolving world of parenting, dads are often seen as the ingenious problem-solvers who turn everyday challenges into opportunities for creativity. The subreddit r/DadIt has become a treasure trove of life hacks where dads from all walks of life share their clever solutions to common parenting and household problems.

Here are some standout hacks that not only simplify life but also showcase the ingenuity and resourcefulness of modern fathers.

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#1 Pro Dad Tip – Remember Your Partner Needs Around 600 Calories More Per Day If Breastfeeding! I Prepare A Snack Platter Each Night For My Special Lady

Image source: neshneeds

#2 Dad Pro Tip #72 – Teach Your Kids How To Cook Early And Involve Them In Meal Prep. They Will Be Less Picky Eaters And Make Healthier Food Choices Down The Road

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Found A Hack For Short Hikes. Mantracking

Image source: Salvidor_Deli

We live near a state park/forest and my wife and I like hikes. HOWEVER with a younger kids it can be a pain. It’s either too slow for the adults to get decent exercise or take FOREVER because of groaning, wanting to pick up every rock, etc.
Today I had an idea.
My wife took a head start and set clues at intersections and landmarks to show the way she went. The kids and I looked for the clues to “track” and “catch Mommy.” They took turns being the “clue finder.”
My wife slowed to a stop near the end of the trail and waited to be “caught.”
She got an actual home at her pace. The kids hiked farther and faster than normal. They got practice taking turns, being observant, and thinking critically.
Your mileage may vary, but I recommend giving it a try.

#4 Pro Tip: Have Em Paint With Water. Keep Em Busy For A Solid 20min

Image source: stevieracine

#5 Almost Stepped On A Nail In My Yard. I Got A $10 Magnetic Sweeper From Harbor Freight And Found All Of This. All In Places Myself, Partner And Kids Walk Barefoot All The Time

Image source: slight-discount

#6 Pro Tip: Buy A Backup

Image source: the-devils-luck

#7 Pro Tip: Zip Tie The Bubble Wand Somewhere That The Kid Can’t Dump It Out But Can Still Dip It. You’re Welcome. Learned This After They Dumped The Third One Out In The Living Room Carpet

Image source: _Tigglebitties

#8 Dad Hack: Kid Only Eats Half A Banana? Cut The Peel And Save The Other Half. Works Great!

Image source: Pvt_Mozart

#9 Dad Pro Tip: Check Your Grocery Store Clearance Bins!

Image source: Just-one-more-Dad

$0.45 cents a piece! My 2.5 year ild is going to be in heaven for under $10 on christmas.

#10 This Got Me 10 Minutes Of Laying Down Time

Image source: AAMeye

#11 Simple Dad Hack Has Saved Our Ankles!

Image source: Lazarushasawoken

Jimminy flipping Cricket am I glad that I finally got around to adding these pool noodles to the walker. Now when the little guy comes flying across the kitchen to crash into our bare feet, it’s a sensation of joy instead of a plethora of curse words, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. If there is one smidgen of wisdom I can share with my fellow dads it is this… dollar store pool noodles are chef’s kiss.

#12 Tent Sandbox. Play Time Has Never Been Better Or More Engaging. [tips And Tricks]

Image source: texsurfin

#13 Dad Pro Tip: Make Extra And Freeze

Image source: HeyJoe459

When I make a large batch of pancakes or waffles, what doesn’t get eaten gets cooled on a wire rack and frozen. I put wax paper between them so they don’t freeze together. Nuke for three for 40 seconds.

#14 Dad-Tip: Add Grip Tape To Help A Slippery Bunk Bed Ladder!

Image source: adumbCoder

#15 Prodadtip: Grow Out Your Beard So You Can See How Good Your Kid Will Look With A Toupee One Day!

Image source: r2v2x

#16 Daddit Pro Tip

Image source: LaterApex81

Keep a gallon zip top bag with a spare set of clothes, diaper and wipes stashed in your car.
Been saved a few times when we forgot the diaper bag and had an accident.

#17 Pro Tip.. Give Your Kid A Wireless Door Bell

Image source: Knobanious

So our kids (3 and 2) share a room and the 3 year old yells when they need a wee and wakes up her younger sister. Got her this door bell and she can now silently let us know she needs us.
Has worked perfectly all week.

#18 It’s Not Much, But I Made This Play Board For My Little Guy. It Was Inspired By Something I Saw In This Sub

Image source: lurkbealady

#19 Pro-Tip: Pack A Squeegee In The Stroller Permanently, If You Live In A Rainy Climate & Visit Slides

Image source: alecmuffett

#20 Dad Tip: When Asked To Go To Costco For A Diaper Run Always Remember To Pick Yourself Up One Of These Because You Deserve It

Image source: reddit.com

#21 Use A Vaccuum Sealer To Seal Some Glitter And Water In A Bag And Use Painter’s Tape To Stick It To The High Chair Table

Image source: WolvieBS

Hours of fun for next to nothing and clean up/reapplication is a breeze. Note: Ziploc’s DON’T work for this, and don’t use weird shaped(pointy) glitter.

#22 Dad Pro Tip: Fragile Snacks Travel Well In Cheap A** Glasses Cases

Image source: reddit.com

#23 Dad Protip: Tape A Piece Of Tubing Inside The Diaper Pail To Avoid The Impenetrable Vacuum Effect On Overstuffed Bags

Image source: N3wThrowawayWhoDis

Anyone else feel like they were about rip the bag of nuclear waste in half trying to remove it? I used a piece of old curtain rod, and sanded off burrs. Has been working for 2+ years now.

#24 Best Dad Hack So Far. Fussy Toddler Refusing To Eat? Put It On A Skewer, Snip Off The Sharp End Then Watch Them Eat The Very Same Thing They Refused Seconds Before

Image source: LancLad1987

#25 Easy Dad Points Tip I Picked Up This Weekend: Duct Tape And Sharpie = Road

Image source: SwissJAmes

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