40 Brainy Science Memes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Published 2 weeks ago

Flat-earth memes are still quite popular worldwide, but that’s not the only science-related joke worth discussing. The Darker Side of Science Facebook group shares some interesting facts, lighthearted biology memes and humourous science posts that will make you chuckle along in clever camaraderie. So scroll to check out some of their best posts, which we’ve shared in the gallery below. 


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Image source: Chris Emerson


Image source: Ryan Wellner


Image source: Pete Felix


Image source: Andi Pi


Image source: Pete Felix


Image source: Tommie Cleghorn


Image source: Kathleen Juarez


Image source: Chase Robinson


Image source: Dakotah SkýWalker


Image source: Willow Annastasia


Image source: Cheryl Garcia


Image source: Zabuza Bloodymist


Image source: Lea Cox


Image source: Kurt Webb


Image source: Alex Hanna


Image source: Maria Yakusheva


Image source: Jenna Edwards


Image source: @myafropuff


Image source: Alex Hanna


Image source: Willow Annastasia


Image source: Jay Irvine


Image source: Willow Annastasia


Image source: Lea Cox


Image source: Dakotah SkýWalker


Image source: Σταυρουλα Ραγια


Image source: Claudia Perelli Hentschel


Image source: Maximillion


Image source: IFLScience


Image source: Alex Hanna


Image source: Jay Irvine


Image source: @MarciRobin


Image source: Emmanuel Sialuya


Image source: Natasha Storm Figueroa Husted


Image source: Robert Fletcher


Image source: Seth Jurnak


Image source: Cody Joe Blacklock


Image source: Alex Hanna


Image source: Ryan Wellner


Image source: Andrew Kissinger


Image source: Holly L. Swider

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