People Who Deal With A Lot Of Emails May Find These 30 Memes Spot-On

Published 9 months ago

Whereas once upon a time we were thrilled to get an email and felt ridiculously important when it happened, the total opposite is true now. Checking emails, replying back and forth, cleaning up your inbox, all of these things have become a tiresome chore. In fact, there are tons of painfully accurate memes that have become quite popular that express our frustrations with email.

It’s a fun way to vent and we’ve got an oddball collection of relatable memes in the gallery below that express the general mayhem of the email world in an amusing manner. From bandying about the most effective way of communicating ideas according to proper netiquette and sometimes even general mockery of email habits, check out these posts where senders decided to go off script in the best way ever. 

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#1 I’m Celebrating 10 Years Of This As My Email Signature At Work. To Date, Not One Person Has Noticed

Image source: Eliot_2000

#2 In My Defense R, And T Are Quite Close

Image source: mo87mo87

#3 Unhinged Email Sign-Offs Until My Boss Notices

Image source: bodybytacobell

#4 I Was Just Going To Carry On Applying For Jobs With Chilli Beef Recipes

Image source: Heathernab

#5 This Is So True

Image source: EmployeeTears

#6 Free Like A Bird

#7 As He Should

Image source: giselledraws

#8 Me Most Of The Days

Image source: employeetears

#9 So Crazy

Image source: EmployeeTears

#10 Learn Something New Every Day

Image source: portmanteauface

#11 I Felt This

Image source: MattBellassai

#12 It’s Almost Usable

Image source: NateMJensen

#13 I Wish I Had The Courage To Do That

Image source: pseudo310

#14 Odd Ways To End An Email

Image source: LizLReed

#15 Because You Spent Saturday And Sunday Thinking About That Email

Image source: itsambstweets

#16 We Got A Snowstorm Last Night. My (Female) Boss’s Email Probably Shocked A Few People In Our Office

Image source: PanicRev

#17 Company-Wide Emails Like This Usually Apply More To Some Than They Do To Others

Image source: holy_schnitt

#18 Accurate

Image source: TheBlackHermit

#19 Europeans Work To Live, And Americans Live To Work

Image source: LeannaO

#20 HR At My Work Was Sending Emails To A Different Andrew In Australia For Over A Year. This Is His Response

Image source: frankcsgo

#21 Professional Work Email

Image source: ColdBrewCookies

#22 I Like This Way Better Than “I Hope This Email Finds You Well.” This Sender Can Read The Room And Knows No One Is Being Found Well These Days

Image source: laurajakli

#23 Fair Enough

Image source: angelamarie85

#24 I Literally Giggled About This All Day

Image source: Halloween_75

#25 Better Later Than Never

Image source: Olivianuzzi

#26 Tag, You’re It

Image source: kate_mckean

#27 Same

Image source: WoeToChorazin

#28 Relatable

Image source: moxvi_

#29 I Wanted To Hurl Myself Into The Sun

Image source: imbethmccoll

#30 The Passive-Aggressive Smiley Gets Them Every Time

Image source: Skoog

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