40 Times People Tried Cleaning Things And Results Turned Out Incredibly Satisfying

Published 4 years ago

Cleaning can be a real hassle – but it can also be incredibly satisfying, especially when you see the years of grime being washed away and revealing the shiny surface of whatever it is you’re cleaning underneath. And in case you ran out of things to clean or simply want to experience this feeling without getting your hands dirty, you’ve come to the right place.

People who tried powerwashing things are sharing the results to the r/powerwashingporn/ subreddit, and they’re incredibly satisfying. Check out all the times powerwashing completely transformed things in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous post here!

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#1 Roommates Thought The Sink Was Permanently Stained. I Got Bored In Quarantine And Proved Them Wrong

Image source: ghostof-nothing

#2 Not Power Washing, But Too Good Not To Share

Image source: bert0ld0

#3 Power Washed Patio Then Built A Canopy

Image source: MrBozzie

#4 I’ll Finish Washing The Fence Tomorrow. But Until Then…

Image source: NicolasCLE

#5 A Building Janitor In France Trying To Give A Smile For The Residents During The Lockdown

Image source: iforgotmypsw

#6 That’s Imperial Castle In My Hometown Poznań. It Looks Way Better After Cleaning

Image source: JKB_BGC

#7 Feast Your Eyes, You Power Washing Freaks

Image source: cmoore54

#8 Picasso On Driveway. Dirt, Water, Power Washed Concrete. Me. 2020

Image source: Puechini

#9 Picked Up This Old Concrete Park Table As A Freebie. Had To Take The Power Cleaner To It. Apologies About The Cat, He’s An Exhibitionist

Image source: ilikepicklesandyou

#10 Power Washed For The Very First Time, Thought You Guys Would Enjoy

Image source: tehalex_

#11 Now We Won’t Slip Going Down The Stairs

Image source: jenntenntenn

#12 Looks Almost Like Fresh Paint

Image source: mikehocksbig

#13 Pressure Wash The Driveway She Said

Image source: IntrstlarOvrdrve

#14 Half Way There

Image source: nightmares999

#15 Before And After My First Wash Job

Image source: struhall

#16 Customers’ Patio Area That I Cleaned Recently

Image source: Jordibhoy

#17 I Told My Wife I Was Taking Pictures For My Friends On The Internet. She Said “They’re Not Your Friends”

Image source: bigpopcorn89

#18 Very Dirty Tractor From Fall

Image source: LEJ45

#19 I Didn’t Even Know We Had Multi-Colored Tiles

Image source: ouway1

#20 Power Washed Half The Tennis Court

Image source: okwhateveromg

#21 My Husband Bought Me A Power Washer For Mother’s Day. I Wasn’t Thrilled At First, But Now I Can’t Be Happier

Image source: the-red-woman

#22 16 Years Of Neglect vs. 3200 PSI Pressure Wash

Image source: Sour_krautt

#23 I See Your Driveway, And Raise You An Entire Ship

Image source: laststandsailor

#24 Got This Table For Free Today

Image source: mg-993

#25 Can You Tell Where They Stopped For The Day?

Image source: Kionix

#26 My Clothes Smelled Like Swampy Ocean And Seagull Poop But That Was A Price I Was Willing To Pay

Image source: seepicklesrun

#27 When I Mentioned Starting A Pressure Washing Business, People Laughed, Shrugged It Off, Or Claimed There Is No Money In It. Four Years Later, I’m So Glad I Did

Image source: mikehocksbig

Moral of the story – don’t listen to the people who haven’t accomplished anything. Find a positive mentor and chase that dream.

#28 Just Moved Into A New Rental And Knew This Would Be My First Thing To Do

Image source: haydo_

#29 I Told My Dad That People On Internet Love This Kind Of Stuff

Image source: JarmaLarma

#30 The Back Patio Of Our New House. I Have On Good Info That It Hasn’t Been Cleaned In Around 40 Years

Image source: Magical-Sweater

#31 Did This For My Grandpa, What Do You Think?

Image source: kingbladeface

#32 No Caption Needed

Image source: jeswright27

#33 Power Washed These Adirondack Chairs That Have Been Sitting Outside For 30 Years

Image source: Nexion21

#34 A Little Tennis Court Cleaning We Did This Week

Image source: powerbroker6969

#35 I Just Assumed That Those Were The Colors Of The Tiles When I Bought The House

Image source: whatisthejosh

#36 Wife Wanted To Buy A New Playhouse. I Wanted To Use My Power Washer

Image source: DrKriegger

#37 So Satisfying

Image source: Megajoeytube

#38 Dirty Tractor And Cart. Not A Perfect Job But Still A Little Difference

Image source: LEJ45

#39 Today The Fence, Tomorrow The World

Image source: Downloadable76

#40 The Previous Owner Left Her Power Washer. After 9 Months, My Husband Finally Used It. 2020 Thrills

Image source: turnipsedith

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