40 Funny Kids Who Gave Their Parents A Good Laugh

Published 5 months ago

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Being responsible for wild hellions that have a mind of their own and act out in embarrassing ways in the most unlikely of situations can end up with you wanting the ground to open up and swallow you whole, or it could be your next anecdote to share with your colleagues or family as dinner table entertainment. 

Either way, parenting is a fun experience full of unexpected plot twists as you can see from the hilarious epithets shared via X posts that we’ve listed in the gallery below. 

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#1 Y’all, I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image source: mattcoyney

#2 I Took Him Out Shopping For His Birthday, Told Him He Could Get Anything He Wanted And He Picked Soap

Image source: sonicshawty

#3 Bye

Image source: danieljoness

#4 A Picture Of Me When I Was 9 Or 10. God I Was So Cringe

Image source: MELO_DETH_999

#5 Mad Because Poop Is Not In One Piece

Image source: kylo_rens_mom

#6 This Is Genius

Image source: cat_beltane

#7 Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate How Awesome My Niece Is Hiding

#8 I’m Babysitting My 3-Year-Old Brother. We Decided To Play Hide And Seek. This Was His Hiding Spot. I Washed The Dishes And Folded My Clothes While Loudly Asking Were He Was. Everyone Won

Image source: PheonixGalaxy

#9 Uno Reverse Card Not Needed

Image source: nofilterblonde

#10 This Means War

Image source: OctopusCaveman

#11 That’s Not How It Works

#12 Best. Trade. Ever

Image source: KITTIESbeforeTITTIES

#13 Mother’s Day

Image source: ninth_revolution

#14 Found My Camera On The Floor And Asked My Kid If He’d Been Fiddling With It. “No, Of Course Not Daddy”

Image source: kilowhisky

#15 Tell Me You Have A Three-Year-Old Without Telling Me You Have A Three-Year-Old

Image source: Lost-Cateran

#16 My 5-Year-Old Refused To Eat His Fritter Because “It Looks Like A Baby Dragon”. He Wanted Me To Take A Photo And Share It With The World, So Here You Go

Image source: Redditaurus-Rex

#17 Remote-Control Bathroom Break

Image source: luhluh7991

#18 Round 1, Fight

Image source: natwrotewhat

#19 Yoga Is A Great Way To Start The Day

Image source: ThisPaul

#20 Before She Could Read

Image source: Damonigus

#21 The First Thing He Does

Image source: SmallSmoothRock

#22 My Son Thinks He Is Hilarious – Told Him To Stack The Dishes In The Sink

Image source: Darzin

#23 My Neighbor’s Kid Was Tasked With Bringing My Mom Some Chocolates

Image source: leonilaa

#24 Who This Kid Trying To Fool

#25 Namaste

Image source: kindofsquishy

#26 I Didn’t Know People Actually Did This

Image source: CapetainTrippy

#27 She’s Crying Because Her Brother Proudly Announced The Size Of A Turd He Laid, But Flushed It Before She Could See It

Image source: T0BYs_Grundle

#28 My Kid Was Playing Workshop While I Fixed The Garage Door Yesterday. Super Glad I Checked My Shoe Before Putting It On

Image source: TummyPuppy

#29 Hide And Seek In My Son’s Hospital Room

Image source: thenewguy89

#30 Paper Clips Are Hard

Image source: iamthevash

#31 We’re Playing Hide-And-Seek

Image source: SubliminalScream

#32 My 8-Year-Old Niece Changed Her Roblox Display Name To “Poopfart” And Couldn’t Change It

Image source: randomredditgirlie

#33 Navigation

Image source: gregoceallaigh

#34 Took The Snack Pack Away From My Daughter So We Could Get A Nice Picture

Image source: shewantstheicepick

#35 To Be Fair, I Also Hate This World

Image source: a_lolbrarian

#36 Nice

Image source: iandenning85

#37 I Tried Turning On The TV And It Wouldn’t Turn On. I Opened The Remote And I Found This

Image source: GraceWRX

#38 Ah Yes, How To Get A “Free” Cookie (I Work At A Coffee Shop)

Image source: unfortunatelymade

#39 A Guy’s PS4 Was Ruined After His 6-Year-Old Son Wanted To “Play A Nice Dog Game” He Found In The Garage

Image source: john4845

#40 My Two-Year-Old: “I Want The Choclate Banana”

Image source: gazman_dev

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