25 Times Kids Delivered Words In Hilarious Ways, As Shared By Adults In This Online Group

Published 6 months ago

Kids have an uncanny ability to perceive the world around them in unique and often humorous ways. Their innocent and unfiltered minds lead to the creation of “kid logic,” where their reasoning defies adult understanding.

A recent Reddit thread became a goldmine for parents and caregivers sharing their funniest encounters with their children’s unconventional thinking. Today, we’ll delve into some hilarious examples of ‘kid logic’ that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Image source: Sam_Paige25, LightFieldStudios

My husband was working at a child care center and his car was in the shop so he needed a ride. When I arrived to pick him up, one of the children who was also getting picked up asked if I was his mom. Because that’s who picks up people from day care, moms and dads. Makes perfect sense using kid logic.


Image source: Amiiboid, behy_studio

My kid as a toddler invented the word “nexterday” because she knew “yesterday” and “next” but not “tomorrow”.


Image source: valuesandnorms, louishansel

I was fly fishing a popular canoeing river when two middle school aged kids came paddling down ina rented canoe. They got turned 180 degrees in an eddy and instead of trying to turn their whole canoe back around they just turned around in their seats and started paddling downstream again. Most adults would try paddling back around but this was by far the more efficient way to handle it


Image source: AtLeastImGenreSavvy, kristinbrownphotography

I desperately wanted a kitten when I was younger. Every time we went to the grocery store, I’d try and sneak cat food into the shopping cart, thinking that if we got home and unpacked it, we’d *have* to go out and get a cat.


Image source: HiThisIsMichael, Marinabars_photo

I remember a story of an astronaut going to give a talk in a school and one kid asked him “how do I become an astronaut?” and the astronaut replied “you have to go to school for a very long time and then train your body and mind and then pass a test. its very hard” and then the kid replied “thats like only 4 things!”. Changed my outlook on life haha


Image source: MrsPottyMouth, Mint_Images

A friend’s kid cut a big chunk out of his hair, then realized he’d get in trouble, so he carefully laid the hair on his head. It promptly fell off.


Image source: Nala013, vinokurovyury

My sister has two children, ages 3 and 1. I had my first child in September so my nephews now have a cousin.

The three year old insists that it is only his cousin, since he is the oldest and his younger brother will have to wait for the next one before he gets a cousin of his own.


Image source: ElinorSedai, StiahailoAnastasiia

When I was 15, I used to babysit this lovely kid called Jack.

He would very proudly tell people “I’m three!” And hold up three fingers. One day, I asked him how old did he think I was? He gave this very careful consideration.

“26.” He said firmly.

“Why do you think I’m 26?” I replied, mildly offended.

“Mummy looks after me and she’s 26. You look after me too.”

Fair enough!


Image source: ichigoli, hansjurgen007

Leaving the daycare center, a kid called back, “BYE-BYE! Be safe, watch out for polar bears!”

We are not in polar bear territory, but polar bears live in the snow, so since it snowed earlier in the day, it was only logical that we were at elevated polar bear risk.


Image source: niikaadieu, amihay982

Maybe not best but recent: My coworker’s kid lost a tooth yesterday, and the kid said he was going to wait until Sunday to put his tooth under the pillow so the Tooth Fairy can meet Santa lol


Image source: Kiwi-VonFluffington, JulieAlexK

My grandparents’ old trailer had ants. I wanted to help and knew they liked sweet things, so I added a bunch of sugar to some juice and made a trail from the house to an ant hill to lead them out. It did not have the desired effect.


Image source: BlueCollarGuru, valerystefanysyn

Aight so one time my niece was over with my brother and his wife. My niece said “let’s be dragons” so I’m like ok cool this is f*****g awesome.

Here I am in my 50s and get to be a dragon. So I put up my big dragon wings and dragon face and she stopped dead in her tracks and said “uncle guru, you don’t have to pretend to be a dragon you can just BE one. See? I’m a dragon and so are you. Let’s go see dad.”

So we’re just standing there like two humans and she says “we’re dragons” with a shrug of her shoulders like I know it’s obvious but just in case..

So yeah, blew my mind lol


Image source: PuzzledImage3, sgreer

When I was a kid we experienced an earthquake. I ran to my mom screaming “the dinosaurs are coming!” I was really into The Land Before Time and whenever the Brontosaurus walked the ground shook so it made sense.


Image source: notstephanie, arina-krasnikova

My husband and I used to have two cats. One cat’s name was just Little Cat.

My 3 year old niece called our other cat “Big Cat” because if there’s a little cat, there has to be a big cat.

And our other cat was pretty big so I couldn’t even correct her.


Image source: Statman12, timmossholder

My niece said that Santa was fat because he was pregnant, and that he was going to give birth to gingerbread men.


Image source: stinkadoodle, risse0812

When I was a little girl, I had a Barbie and a Ken doll. I wanted more Barbie and Ken dolls. I put them in a shoebox together, naked, and pushed it under the bed so they could make more dolls. I had no idea how close I was to knowing how babies were made.


Image source: StormDog-, markusspiske

When I was really little our preschool class grew beans in a window and my little brain decided that all food must be grown from seeds. Long story short my mom found about 15 chicken nuggets in her flower bed when she was planting tulips.


Image source: Fistandantalus, GalinkaZhi

My daughter was having trouble falling asleep and came to me crying that her pillow didn’t work


Image source: thepeachlady, Michael Lehet

I had just birthed my daughter via C-section. My toddler son saw my incision, and concluded that his baby sister had busted through my stomach like the Kool-Aid man.


Image source: BlazmoIntoWowee, timbmyung

My kid asked to go to the “fish museum.” She didn’t know the word for aquarium, but I’d say she got the concept across pretty well. Now we don’t refer to it as anything else.


Image source: heidismiles, ellentanner

I was a student teacher, and bumped into one of my seven-year-old students in the morning. He was walking and told me “I always step over the cracks [in the sidewalk].”

I asked “How come?” and expected him to say something about “So I don’t break my mother’s back.” (That’s an old rhyme).

Instead, he said he was “practicing” … “in case there’s an earthquake!”


Image source: Badaxe13, stywo

I used to wonder why the snow was on top of the mountains if they were closer to the sun


Image source: Then_I_had_a_thought

When I (white) was a kid, my best friend (black) was floored to learn white peoples’ poop was brown. He’d just assumed ours was white.


Image source: SledgeHannah30

A toddler I was watching stood next to a tree. He then licked the bark of the tree the way a dog would lick an ice cream cone: full blown, no inhibition.

Shocked, I asked him why licked the tree, and he said, “I didn’t know what it tasted like.” He caught me so off guard, so all I could say was, “you know what, that’s fair. ”

I asked him if he liked it. He said, no, no he did not.


Image source: scarekrow25

When I was about 6 or so, my very religious grandmother offered to buy me something at the church yard sale. There was a Grateful Dead shirt. I wasn’t familiar with their music back then, I just liked the color and design. She told me it wasn’t proper attire for a Christian. I responded with “Christians go to heaven when they die, right?” She said yes, to which I proclaimed they would then be grateful to be in heaven, and grateful they were dead. The logic didn’t work, and I didn’t get the shirt.

My mom still brings it up and laughs occasionally. As an adult I love the grateful Dead and for my 40th birthday my mom got me a grateful Dead vinyl box set.

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