20 Times Wholesome Parents Were Caught Treating Their Adult Children Like Little Kids

Published 1 year ago

No matter what age you are, they say your parents will always treat you like a child. You may be the boss of your own company, paying your own bills and having your own kids to raise, but sometimes the TLC from your family can tell another story. Folks shared the wholesome moments when they realised their family still thought of them as a child and it’s as hilariously touching as one would expect.

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#1 Always Asked For A Skateboard As A Kid. My Parents Said Not Until I’m 35. Today They Delivered

Image source: johncpeterson71

#2 My Mom Got Me Super Mario Sheets For Christmas. I’m 22 And Have Been Living In My Own Apartment For 4 Years

Image source: JohnnyCenter

I looked confused and disappointed. She said “What? It’s not like anyone else is going to see your sheets” and now I don’t know if that was ignorance, an insult, or innocence.

#3 This Dad Saw His Daughter At Our Local Fair And Didn’t Like What She Was Wearing

Image source: amh404

#4 Some Moms Never Think It’s Too Late For Baby Pics

Image source: nomemesguey

#5 Came Home And Found This. I Love My Mom

Image source: RulloDiCanguri

I’m an adult, I live with my parents because I could not afford to move out until now (I got my degree 6 years ago, then started a PhD, and now I’m completing a specialization course in oral surgery). I got a wonderful girlfriend and I deeply love my parents, but due to being a bit too quiet and introvert at home, I do not tell them how much I appreciate and admire their hard work to raise me as much as I should. Today I came back from the hospital where I work and found this little gem waiting for me in my room. Yesterday was my birthday and this is a gift I won’t forget, maybe it’s not much for you, but it’s everything to me knowing that my mom is behind it with all of her heart.

#6 My Husband Is A Full-Grown Mining Engineer. His Mom Got Him This As A Gift. It Took Him A Night To Build It And He Won’t Share It With The Kids

Image source: carlinha1289

#7 Christmas Present From My Parents For My 25-Year-Old Self. I Built It In Under 2 Days And Had A Blast

Image source: SG1EmberWolf

#8 Thanks Dad

Image source: ellomelissa

#9 Check Out The Scarf My Mom Made For Me. Love You, Mom

Image source: Syphon_Kai

#10 I’m A Teacher In Canada, My Mom Made Me This Scarf To Keep Me Warm

Image source: carlinha1289

#11 My Mom Knitted A Little Beanie For My CAE Shifter Because It Gets Hot In The Sun! It Has “Miata” On It

Image source: Eduhsoj

#12 I’m In My 30s, And My Adorable Mom Still Becomes Excessively Concerned For My Safety Every Time I Leave Town

Image source: somethingsupersimple

#13 How Dumb Do My Parents Think I️ Am

Image source: Nwinter228

#14 My Mom Still Flips The Bread To Hide The Fact That I’m Eating An End Piece. I’m A Senior In High School

Image source: Rhedogian

#15 Every Year On My Birthday My Dad Lays Out My Childhood Toys “The Guys” And It Makes Him So Excited

Image source: plantsandbugs

#16 This Is What Happens When I Leave My 90-Year-Old Mother Alone In The Kitchen For Ten Minutes

Image source: mewster31

#17 Got A Cryptic Text From Mom Today To Look At My Porch. My Siblings And I Are All Adults Now, But Still Mom Never Misses Easter

Image source: TheVantasy

Not when we were all in college, not when I was working on the other side of the country for a few years, and certainly not during a global pandemic. Love you mom.

#18 This 58-Year-Old Dad Still Dyeing Eggs Even Though All The Kids Have Left The Nest

Image source: rattus-domestica

#19 My Mom Remembered I Don’t Have Room In My Place For A Christmas Tree, So She Made Me This Wreath With Built-In Lights And All The Ornaments From When I Was A Kid

Image source: LasagnaCena

#20 Grandma Got All The Boys Christmas Boxers And Didn’t Realize The Ones For My Dad Were Grass-Themed

Image source: squeda

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