30 Times Family Members Surprised Each Other In Sweet Or Very Much Hilarious Ways

Published 2 years ago

Happy are those who grew up in loving and caring families. Perhaps it’s one of those things that we people take for granted. It’s heartbreaking to think that not everyone was fortunate enough to experience a mother’s gentle touch or a father nervously teaching them how to ride a bicycle. Family is not just something important. It’s everything.

To celebrate family and those who’ve become family, we’ve compiled a list of the sweetest or simply hilarious surprises family members pulled for each other. Take a look! What was something you or your family member did that took you by surprise? Let us know!

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#1 My Mom Always Finds A Way To Surprise Me On My Birthday

Image source: reddit.com

#2 I Beat Cancer This Year And Lost My Hair In The Process. My 4-Year-Old Son Wanted To Be Darth Vader For Halloween, So I Surprised Him As Darth Mom

Image source: just_amanda

#3 2 Steps Into Walking Down The Aisle. He Said “Goddamit Jeri, Did My Pants Just Fall Down?”

Image source: ufjeff

#4 My Grandfather Always Wears His Favorite 70s Suit To Every Family Event, So As A Surprise For His 80th We All Dressed To Match

Image source: UnicyclePete

#5 My Dad Had Eye Surgery And My Mom Asked Where He Wanted To Go For Lunch After, So Here We Are

Image source: McWitt

#6 I Turned A Picture Of My Labrador Pooping Into A Puzzle, Gave It To My Dad For Christmas As A White Elephant Gift

Image source: RPerkins2

He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me. That’s what Christmas is all about.

#7 My Son Wanted “Cold Hard Cash” For His Birthday

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Marilyn Manson’s Dad Surprised Him By Dressing Up As Him And Interrupting His Photoshoot

Image source: terryrichardson

#9 When My Wife Had An Ultrasound For Our First Child I Took A Photo Of The Print Out So She Could Send To Friends And Family. Instead I Sent Her This Xenomorph Image

Image source: WKFClark

And she sent it to everyone before realizing what it was. She was not amused.

#10 My Parents Are Retiring And Want To Travel Full Time. My Brother Sent Them This Suitcase For Christmas

Image source: dawndollygolden

#11 Had My Leg Amputated And My Brother Shows Up To The Hospital Dressed As A Pirate

Image source: TheGoodTwin94

#12 I Got My Grandma A New Apron For Her 90th Birthday. This Is The Moment She Realized What Was On It

Image source: peekab0o14

#13 Just My Mom And Aunt Doing Family Things In Wales

Image source: OGThiede

#14 Ex Cheated. Called Off Wedding. Day Of “Wedding” I Was Sad. My Family Surprised Me With An Anti-Wedding Party

Image source: lisainpurgatory

#15 My Mom Has Been Begging My Dad For A Dog Since Ours Passed Away In May. He Surprised Her Christmas Morning With This Gift. He’s A Man Of Few Words

Image source: klawlz

#16 I Haven’t Seen My Parents For Over A Year, So I Decided To Surprise Them For Christmas By Dressing Up As Santa And Coming Over

Image source: whateverlollllll

This is my mother’s face when she realized that Santa was me.

#17 My Brother And I Became Uncles This Week To Twins. First Impressions Are Important, So Naturally, We Shaved And Dressed To Impress

Image source: kraziefrazie

#18 My Mother Sketches While Watching TV. She Turns Her Favorites Into Little Printed Greeting Cards For Family

Image source: RCViking44

Here is what she was using for birthdays a couple years ago.

#19 My Family Is Pretty Odd. Tonight, My Mom Hired An Elvis Impersonator And Didn’t Tell Anyone About It

Image source: Sneegro-damus

#20 My Mother-In-Law Made All The Men In Our Family A Pair Of These Sleep Pants For Christmas

Image source: KyleRichXV

#21 My Wife Just Graduated From The Police Academy And Her Sister Sent These To Our House

Image source: Mr_Dislexyc

#22 My 13-Year-Old Sister Thinks She’s Hilarious

Image source: WhuddupBoiz

#23 Was Wondering Why My Wife Was Giggling When She Asked Me To Change The Air Filters

Image source: AelyneMB

#24 My Wife And I Like To Surprise Each Other With Unexpected Charlie. Charlie No Longer Finds This Amusing

Image source: JGrce

#25 My Friend Got A Christmas Card From His Nephew. He Decided To Copy It And Send It Back

Image source: shootermcfahey

#26 Made Masks Of Sister’s Fiance’s Face For A Bachelorette Party, This Is What She Walked Into

Image source: malsapeach

#27 The Look On My Daughter’s Face When I Tell Her She Gets To Adopt A Kitten For A Surprise Birthday Present

Image source: -TuRbRoN-

#28 Told My Dad He Was Having A Grandkid Before His Birthday Picture

Image source: JmsJordan

#29 We Decided To Embarrass Our Daughter At The Airport After 3 Months Away. (We Don’t Normally Dress This Way)

Image source: ron1337

#30 My Brother Is In For Quite The Surprise Tomorrow Morning

Image source: stim_ninja

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