Disney Launches A Line Of Costumes That Adapt To Wheelchairs

Published 4 years ago

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, disabled people often have a hard time as not many of them are designed to adapt to wheelchairs. However, Disney aims to make this problem a thing of the past by introducing its first-ever line of wheelchair-adaptive costumes.

The new costumes are inspired by movies like The Incredibles 2Toy Story, and Cinderella, and come in five different styles, two of which can be mounted on the wheelchair itself. The store even offers sets so the whole family can go as characters from the same movie!

More info: shopdisney.com

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Disney just introduced a line of costumes that adapt to wheelchairs

Image credits: Disney

The costumes fit most wheelchairs and come with additional supportive plastic piping to add more stability.

Turn your wheelchair into the carriage from Cinderella!

Image credits: Disney

The company points out that once the costume is applied, the wheelchair should only be operated with a helper and that the costumes aren’t suitable for battery-operated wheelchairs.

Image credits: Disney

The other costumes are designed so that they’re easy to put on, such as this Cinderella dress that has an open back.

And if princesses aren’t your thing, you can turn it into the Incredimobile from the Incredibles!

Image credits: Disney

“Rev up your chair by transforming it into an incredible super car!” says Disney on their website.

You can also go as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story!

Image credits: Disney

Or either Dash or Violet!

Image credits: Disney

Activist Annie Segarra recently tried out the new Cinderella wheelchair cover and the results were pretty fabulous!

Image credits: annieelainey

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