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Boyfriend Has His Girlfriend Turned Into Disney Princess For Valentine’s Day

Published 9 years ago

Flowers and candy are like the emergency rations of Valentine’s day: it’s better than nothing. Brian Flynn wanted a lot more, so he asked artist Dylan Bonner to redraw his girlfriend Manini as various Disney characters. It’s quite an original gift and a very fitting one: this couple loves Disney movies!

I want our relationship to be as epic and timeless as the animations we grew up on, so I decided to have us painted into some famous Disney scenes and surprise her for Valentines Day,” Brian writes on imgur. “It’s been a secret for 3 months, and I can’t wait to show her!” He also heaps enough praises on Bonner to bury him.

Well, the guy will probably get a ton of orders now. And Disney Princesses will get a breather by being redrawn as something that’s not social commentary for a change.

More info: Blogspot | Society6Tumblr | Deviantart (h/t: boredpanda, imgur)

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