35+ Times People Managed To Capture Disney-Like Moments In Real Life

Published 6 years ago

We all enjoy watching Disney movies, they never disappoint to create a magical atmosphere with birds singing, animals running freely and harmony surrounding everyone. But we usually see these Disney movie scene’s while thinking there is no way something like that would happen in real life. Well, we’ve all been living a lie, because magical Disney scenes can happen to anyone of us! Here’s a compilation created by Bored Panda that shows random people being real-life Disney princes and princesses!

P.S.: while these pictures are super adorable, please make sure you know what you’re doing before interacting with wild animals. Feeding them with the wrong food, or making them feel too comfortable near people may end up harming them.

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#1 Well Hello There

Image source: Norwegianimgurite

#2 Disney Princess In Training

Image source: klandy

#3 Disney Princess Mohawk

Image source: AngeCa

#4 Wild Bunny Accepted Me

Image source: MyBoener

#5 Friendly Little Hummingbird

Image source: Noerdy

#6 Officer Disney Princess

Image source: dickfromaccounting

#7 Disney Princess Challenge Accepted

Image source: zaneperry

#8 Help! Heeeeeeeelp!

Image source: Allbobmyshelf

#9 Found This Little Guy Hiding In My Daughters Shirt

Image source: Lonobot

#10 Me Right When An Alien Squirrel Shows Me His Nuts

Image source: air-man1

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