30 Makeup Fails Submitted To This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Many of us are aware that doing makeup is not an easy task. It takes lots of time and dedication to learn the little nuances of this art form. People usually turn to professional makeup artists when it comes to a special occasion or a big day like a wedding. But even the pros fail sometimes!

The subreddit named Bad MakeUp Artists shares pictures of makeup fails that are cringy and horrible. From overlined lips to over-contoured cheeks, the makeup industry has reached a whole new level of absurdness. Scroll below to see some horrible makeup fails that were posted in the subreddit. And if you wish to see more makeup fails, check out our previous post here.

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#1 I Guess I Got What I Paid For With This Free Look. Asked Mua For Homecoming Makeup

Image source: TheHuntress1031

#2 It Cost €60!!

Image source: Secure_Dragonfruit69

#3 She Asked For Bridal Makeup And Got This

Image source: reddit.com

#4 Done By A Professional Mua. I Feel Bad For The Bride

Image source: remelaneom1234

#5 I Found One! From An Episode On Hooked On The Look

Image source: Autopsyofficial

#6 Medium Rare Beef Lips

Image source: disko_lemonade13

#7 The Foundation Oh Noo

Image source: frogs25

#8 Professional Mua

Image source: Akjysdiuh708

#9 This Client Is Only 11

Image source: goldenmagearna

#10 Her Makeup Looks Are Usually Fine, But This Outdoor Lighting Is Doing No Favors

Image source: notthelettuce

#11 The Eyes Are Great But…

Image source: femmeinfernale

#12 She Just Lost Like Half Her Nose

She Just Lost Like Half Her Nose...

Image source: weirdfridgelady

#13 Permanent Nike Swoosh! Yikes

Image source: sammybr00ke

#14 Mindhunter On Netflix Is Amazing, But The Horribly Matched, Yellow Makeup On All Characters In Both Seasons Is Horribly Distracting. Wendy’s Is The Worst

Image source: upstreammomentum

#15 I Do I Even Need To Say Anything

Image source: complex_theories

#16 I Thought This Was A Joke

Image source: childrenofthegravee

#17 I Understand Wanting To Be Tan But This Is Just Too Much

Image source: ArtisticRose

#18 Orange You Glad You Went With That Shade

Image source: M2LBB2016

#19 This Color Match On The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Image source: chinitachinita

#20 Uhm…

Image source: Atenevra

#21 Can We Put An End To This Brow Trend Already? ?

Image source: Butterfly_dash

#22 Snapchat’s “Beauty Hacks” Never Fail To Deliver Material Worthy Of This Sub

Image source: shadythrowaway9

#23 The Nose Contouring And The Brows (And Not Only)… Just Why?

Image source: kkaiOkkai

#24 His Nose… I’m Speechless

Image source: allCreepy

#25 Liverpool UK

Image source: IcantSeeUuCantSeeMe

#26 Another Casualty Of 90 Day Fiancé Muas

Image source: hazed0and0confused

#27 Talk About Caking It On.. Seems Like A Waste Of Foundation!

Image source: tymty

#28 “Pro Artist And Tutor” Who Runs A Prestigious Makeup Academy, Owns A Salon And Has 36k Followers… What

Image source: -impermanence

#29 Let Me Blend That Blush

Image source: fleffeh

#30 Marc Jacobs Lipstick Making These Lips Look Crusty Af. Literally Looks Like You Could Peel It Off

Image source: reddit.com

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