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This Cosplayer Can Turn Himself Into Any Disney Character, And He Mimics Their Facial Expressions Perfectly

Published 6 years ago

While we’ve seen plenty of Disney princesses cosplay, the male characters from those stories usually miss the spotlight. But cosplayer Jonathan Stryker is aiming to change that with his project ‘Disney week’ through which he demonstrated not only his makeup skills but some spot-on facial expressions as well.

Stryker has been flexing his cosplay muscles for over a decade now, making the costumes and doing makeup himself. Which in turn has allowed him to masterfully recreate characters like Flynn Rider from “Tangled” and even the Lion King himself.

Which one do you think he portrayed the best? Let us know in the comments!

More info: instagram | facebook (h/t)

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#1 Flynn Rider

Image source: Jonathan Stryker

#2 Milo

Image source: Jonathan Stryker

#3 Emperor Kuzco

Image source: Jonathan Stryker

#4 Tarzan

Image source: Jonathan Stryker

#5 Aladdin

Image source: Jonathan Stryker

#6 Prince Eric

Image source: Jonathan Stryker

#7 Hercules

Image source: Jonathan Stryker

#8 The Lion King

Image source: Jonathan Stryker


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