20 Tattoo Designs That Scream, “I Have No Creativity” According To People Online

Published 11 months ago

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting prospect and usually requires some forethought and research. The receiver of the tattoo usually has an idea of the permanent message they want to share on their skin with the world. While some choose to get a representation of family, the ‘I Love MY Mom’ tattoo comes to mind, others may want to display their core values similar to ‘Live, Laugh, Love’. 

Many argue that a tattoo is a personal choice and a reflection of themselves therefore the meaning should matter only to them. However, others feel that there are some tattoo designs that have become hacked and overdone. So which tattoos fall into this category? Scroll below to see some of the top-voted tattoos shared on the subreddit r/AskReddit that folks felt could possibly lead to regrets in the future due to their lack of originality.

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Image source: EMPulseKC, Shivam Tattoos

# ????, ?????, ????

Usually on a foot, ankle, or side of the torso.


Image source: rabbidbunnyjd, ifinkyoufreakie

I have a dolphin on my calf because I really wanted to be a marine biologist when I was 17. I’m in the medical field and it serves no porpoise now.


Image source: bloodgutsandpunkrock, Brendan Mills Tattoos

An ex boss had his own name in Olde English script down the inside of his forearm. I’d been working with him for months before I saw it, the conversation went as such.

‘What’s that?’

‘A tattoo.’

‘Well yeah, but what does it say?’


‘Why have you got your own name tattooed on you?’

‘I wanted a tattoo for years, so my wife bought me one for my 40th.’

‘And that’s what you came up with after 40 years?’

Needless to say, I was fired soon afterwards.


Image source: racoon-brah, Zoey Wanto

I knew a girl who got “throw me to the wolfs and I will come back leading the pack” in massive writing on her thigh… wolfs.


Image source: BigBoydski, lol_camis

My friend once told me got a tattoo. We live in Tennessee so I jokingly said “is it a skull with a rebel flag that says don’t tread on me somewhere?” He lifted his sleeve to show me and said “yes it is”


Image source: llcucf80, NeonMoon Tattoos

Confederate flag. It also shows you have no tact, manners, or an education.


Image source: Temmere, kmalenchek007

Anything copied from or inspired by the Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.


Image source: Pulp_Ficti0n, Siegfri3d_139

Barbed wire


Image source: HistoricalSubject501, ONYX Tattoo Studio

Probably the – – – – – – “cut here” on the neck. But I’m gonna get it anyway


Image source: jdhyzak, _mastheg_

Tribal arm symbols. What f*****g tribe are you apart of Bradley?


Image source: Daveywheel, littleawkwardgirl

The “Never Sink “ anchor. Anchors are supposed to sink!!!


Image source: Plaguetattoo21, Bobby_Thellere

I’m a tattoo artist, For me it’s three types of people.
1. The ones who are getting them only because it’s a current trend. They always come back wanting it covered or wanting it lasered off.
2. The ones who bring me something directly off Pinterest. And have 0 interest in letting me design it my way. I actually tell these people I’m not interested and direct them to another artist. That only happens every once in a while now.
3. Patriotic tattoos. Cornbread dudes walk in the shop wanting a battle flag and a 3% logo. I either try to talk them out of it or tell them I’m not doing it. Regardless of how much money it’d make me.
There is many more I could go on about but those 3 stick out the most. Everyone has opinions these are just mine


Image source: OddRumskie, i_am_sad

Bible verses


Image source: Ok-Bike-4595, neffhead

The lion, clock or rose tattoo for UK boys half of the population has it. I’m all for your body body your rules but cmon man put at least an ounce of creativity into it


Image source: Ravekat1, HazeyGhost98

The Council Cabbage. The owners always insist it’s meant to be a rose.


Image source: that_one_air_guy, Hotwheels1972

Ill-behaved fuckwits with Bible verse tattoos. Typically the most racist, self-absorbed, intolerant c***s on the planet


Image source: Past_Bee660, RedSoulHeart

I’m a tattoo artist and if I have to do an infinity tattoo one more time…… DX


Image source: MissySedai, Yegie

I’m told mine has no creativity.

It’s a fist-sized peach, between my upper shoulder blades. I got it for my 50th birthday, to honor the childhood nickname my Opa gave me. He’s been gone 29 years, I still miss him every day.

I’ve been told the next one I’m getting is similarly boring. A pomegranate with 6 seeds missing and my granddaughter’s name and date of birth. Her name is Korra, an epithet of Persephone meaning “Heart”.

I’m OK with being “boring”. My ink is for ME.


Image source: Fuzzolo, [deleted]

Monster energy drink logo


Image source: Who_Gives_A_, SmashMetal

Anything in Hebrew. I know I’ll get a lot of s**t for this but as a raised conservative Jew it makes no sense. Jews aren’t supposed to get tattooed per biblical beliefs, then Hitler and the SS solidified that by branding and tattooing 6 million of us as identification.

It’s kind of an insult to injury thing in my eyes. I’m not against peoples rights to tattooing, I just find Hebrew tattoos yelling “look at me” im either that Jewish or hey I really like this old testament looking s**t. Kind of like Sanskrit, can you actually read any of that Angelina Jolie?

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