20 Types Of Tattoo Designs That Tattoo Artists Are Sick Of Doing

Published 4 years ago

With tattoos becoming more and more popular with each passing year, it’s hard not to get tempted to get one. But then you have to decide what you want to get – which is harder than you think, especially with all the cool tattoo designs out there. And while ultimately the choice is yours, today we have a list of the most overdone tattoo designs that will help you make sure you won’t see three other people with the same tattoo at the next pool party.

Reddit user Dexley recently asked tattoo artists to share some of the tattoo designs they’re sick of doing and got some pretty funny responses. From barcodes and infinity loops to bible passages and mandalas – check out the most overdone tattoo designs as shared by tattoo artists in the gallery below!

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Image source: –cheese–

If I have to tattoo the entire declaration of independence on one more fat dude’s back, I’m going to scream.


Image source: Cold_Smiles

Infinity knots. Infinity knots with hearts. Infinity knots with names too long to be in the infinity knots.

Please infinity not.


Image source: 85on31

Mine told me he is refusing to do anymore forests around someone’s arm.


Image source: gugiee

I hate when couples get each others names tattooed on each others arm and crap because then like 2 weeks later the dude will come back for a cover up becuase they broke up, it drives me up the wall.


Image source: Bobvankay

Friend of a friend got so tired of doing barcodes on people’s necks that he made a game of using the silliest products as references. Were the customers to scan the tatoo they’d read sanitary products, a bag of nuts, mashed potatoes, spotted d*ck and so on.


Image source: RAWest_ofRaw

Tattoo artist from Alabama here. I am not religious at all but I think I’ve ascribed the entire bible on human flesh at this point.


Image source: ______Nobody______

No regerts


Image source: AncientCatGod

I worked as a shop manager for a little bit. My boss/the head artist was getting super burnt out on big cats (specifically lions) wearing crowns. In about a month, he’d done 5 realistic lions (and a panther) wearing crowns on dudes who wanted to feel like kings. I had to start politely turning them down when people called to inquire about them.

“Sorry, Ian’s not really interested in doing more big cats this month.”


Image source: tinglesangreenery

“Its an anchor to symbolize I can’t be held down”


Image source: aZombieSlayer

Not an artist, but as I was setting up my last appointment, my artist and I were talking at the front desk and the person at the reception at the desk took a call, said “just a minute” and asks my artist;

“Hey Kev, do you have time for a walk in today?”

He looks over and says “maybe, what do they want?”

“An infinity loop”

“Are they on hold?”


“F**k that, I’m so f**king sick of infinity loops. Tell em I’m busy.”

So I think infinity loops for Kev.


Image source: Y2K_Casper

Those two f**king birds on the shoulders…


When I got my tattoo of a juggling bear, I was making small talk with the tattoo artist. She said she was tired of doing nothing but tribal designs and dragons all the time. She said the whole shop talked about my Bear juggling a club, a ball, and a machete, and that they were so thrilled by the originality that they were thinking about doing it for free.

They didn’t. Cost me $300. Great tattoo though. Still my only one.

Image source: JugglingBear


Image source: venttresstheslut

Basically anything from Pinterest. Bird silhouettes, live laugh love, infinity symbols, etc


Image source: epyonk666

Asked my buddy. He said, “if I have to do another goddamn Latin paragraph on a chick’s ribs, I’m gonna shoot my brains out!” Ironically, he was doing one on his GF at the time he told me…


Image source: wild_stryke

Not a tattoo artist, but so many people I’ve seen get the mustache on the inside of your pointer finger. I feel like that fad has to have gotten old with a few artists.


Image source: asshatface666

I’m not against face tattoos, I have friends and peers that wear them quite well. My issue is 18 year olds who want to get them because they want a certain look. Pop culture has made them seem a lot more acceptable then they actually are. At the end of the day in the majority of careers they will hinder employment.


Image source: hatsnatcher23

Idk but 20 years from now there’s gonna be a lotta old people with mandala tattoos and tree silhouettes.


UK tattoo artist. Okay, pocket watches with roses surrounding them have started to die out bit one or two years ago,, my god they were f**kin rife. The worst part is when the customer says they want one they follow with, I’ve got an idea to make it special and unique to me. And I’d say …”you want the time your baby was born don’t you?”. …”omg how did you know” -_-. This year it has definitely moved on to lions, tigers etc wearing crowns, it’s always the guys that have to check with their lass if the design is ok before they start too. Like mentioned before however, I’ll take a pocket watch with a lions face in the centre, birds flying off it merging into an infinity symbol with each bird having its own individual birthstone of the families lost cats over the years, than a smelly person.

Image source: ipickedbulbasaur


Image source: Romane_PaulNibaa

My friend who’s a tattoo artist said he’s done the Deathly Hallows symbol probably 15 times in his career.


Image source: CJM_cola_cole

My artist said he was sick of Longitude Latitude coordinates of their home towns

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