Iron Fish That Saves Lives

Published 9 years ago

Anemia, closely linked to iron deficiency, is a serious illness, and Doctor Christopher Charles made this Lucky Iron Fish to save people from it. Iron deficiency affects about 3,5 billion people worldwide, causing pregnancy complications in women, stunted development in children, and a general loss of energy.

This iron fish is designed for simple use: drop it in a cooking pot (hopefully with soup), boil it for ten minutes, and take it out. Having some citrus fruit juice also helps, since vitamin C enhances iron absorption. Used this way, the Lucky Iron Fish gives 75% of daily intake for adults and lasts 5 years. And your meal doesn’t smell like fish or iron, which is also a plus.

The Lucky Iron Fish comes in fish form since it’s considered lucky in Cambodia. Visiting this country is how Christopher Charles got his inspiration. His invention would help people in developing countries, especially considering that iron supplements might be expensive and even unreachable to some.  And after 9 months of use, the was a 50% drop in anemia levels, as well as increased blood iron levels. People feel more energetic and can work longer and harder.

The report is silent about any instances of absent-minded folks biting down on any iron fish that remained in the pot.

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2 billion people worldwide are suffering from anemia, brought on by iron deficiency


About 50% of Cambodians suffer from this illness


The fish only needs to stay in boiling water or soup for 10 minutes. Having come citrus juice for that iron absorption helping vitamin C


The fish could provide 75% of a family’s daily iron for 5 years


50% of villagers who used the Lucky Iron Fish for a year were no longer anemic







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