40 Out Of The Box Designs Created For Everyday Problems

Published 1 month ago

Designers should always question whether their creations genuinely solve problems and if the end-users, the customers, will appreciate their work. While great design is often immediately recognizable, it’s not always easy to identify opportunities for significant improvement. In some cases, we may not even be aware of the everyday challenges that need solving.

Some designers fully unleash their creativity to enhance and simplify the lives of those around them. Our team has compiled a collection of remarkable examples showcasing ingenious solutions to common problems. These instances highlight the potential for high-quality design to elevate our daily experiences. Everyone deserves to live in a world where exceptional design is the standard, and settling for anything less should not be the norm. Take a look below for a preview of what this world could look like.

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#1 The Local Nursing Home Is An Indoor Town. There’s A Movie Theater And Pub

Image source: ParzivalsQuest

Chriss21: This should be the norm. Indoor towns, with pubs, bowling alleys, mini golf, cinemas… Not all seniors enjoy knitting and watching tv ALL DAY LONG!

#2 The Ingredients Section On This Toothpaste Tube Explains Where Each Ingredient Comes From And What It Does

Image source: DrByg

Kzincat: I love this idea.

#3 These Meat Labels React To Ammonia, A By-Product Of Meat Spoilage. Once It Turns Completely Blue, The Barcode Can No Longer Be Scanned

Image source: Palifaith

Jack Burton: So if it’s light blue it’s ok ? I will thing too much about it and just look for plain white barcode…

#4 These Have Been Popping Up All Around My Town

Image source: wellsgrant

Jack Burton: Squirells are like ok dude i will take the cereal box !

#5 In Singapore, Senior Citizens And People With Disabilities Can Tap A Card To Get Extra Time Crossing The Street

Image source: youronlydoubt

#6 I Ordered Some Sample Colors For My New Blinds, And They Sent Me An Actual Tiny Little Blinds

Image source: vilebubbles

Mashmelo: As a teen with no interest in home design whatsoever I want that

#7 These Small Tents In A Store, To See What They Would Look Like In Full-Size

Image source: FiremanMorales

LakotaWolf (she/her): Nonsense, we all know that these tents are for cats and/or small dogs! XD

#8 This Airplane Seat Has A Step To Help Short People Reach The Overhead Locker

Image source: dyskinet1c

#9 There Is A Free “Period Pack” At My School For Girls Who Are Unprepared For Their Periods

Image source: thicc-nibba420

Mohsie Supposie: This should be EVERYWHERE!!

#10 This Local Shop Gives Old Vegetables For Free So You Can Feed Your Pets

Image source: nixass

Pernille.: Thank you Germany, that is such a good idea.

#11 Miniature Traffic Playground In Copenhagen Where Kids Learn To Bike In Traffic

Image source: ledigtbrugernavn3

#12 My Local Park Has A Wheelchair Accessible Swing

Image source: 100radsregular

#13 Projected Markings In Oulu, Finland, When Snow Covers The Ones Painted On The Street

Image source: Penkinvaltaaja

#14 This Shirt Has Buttons On The Inside That Prevents Gaps In The Shirt

Image source: kalimoo

Jack Burton: Button nightmare !

#15 I Found Band-Aids For Different Skin Tones At Target

Image source: Frings_Chicken_House

Julie Schulz: I never thought of band-aids as being colored for white people. Probably because they have never matched my skin color and I don’t much care if they do or not. It’s just a band-aid. However, if having different colored ones makes people happy then I am glad they are making them. Personally, I’d rather have the ones with cool designs like cars, dinosaurs, etc. :)

#16 This Airport Has A Bathroom For Service Animals

Image source: Josh_hsoJ

#17 The Way These Trays At My University Fit On The Table

Image source: Benutzernamer635

Jack Burton: Sometimes tiny little details can really improve your day

#18 Toothbrush With Replaceable Bristles So You Don’t Have To Keep Buying A New Handle

Image source: simple_gay

Mohsie Supposie: … as long as the bristle part doesn’t keep coming off in your mouth while brushing!

#19 Mall Restroom In Tokyo Has A Holder To Put Your Baby In While You Use The Stall

Image source: rr90013

StumblingThroughLife (edited): The Japanese should get regular awards for how innovative they are… (although they might already do?)

#20 My Local Library Has Cake Pans Available To Check Out

Image source: Museumgirl82

#21 I Found The Best Ever Pencils. After Using Them, You Can Plant The Pencil’s Green Bottom In The Soil And Then A Sapling Will Grow

Image source: rasalghularz

#22 My Local Library Has “Binge Boxes” In The Film Section

Image source: sboss9

#23 This Pump Bottle Is Designed For You To Get As Much Out Of It As Possible

Image source: dyslcxeic

#24 These Shopping Carts Have A Compartment For Pets

Image source: letspetpuppies

#25 These Lines Painted On The Wall So You Can See You’re In The Spot

Image source: forlorn_hope28

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): And homeboy on the right still couldn’t nail it.

#26 My Oven Shows The Time That You Started Cooking In Case You Didn’t Set A Timer

Image source: Fearless-Professor33

Jill Rhodry: Time you put food in or time you turned oven on to start warming up – very different times with very different outcomes!

#27 This Papaya Has An “Eating Color” Sticker To Let You Know When It’s Ripe

Image source: Papi_Queso

Jack Burton: What a smart idea ! Also don”t forget to call it Fruta Bomba if you are in Cuba… Cause Papaya for Cuban mean something else… ^^

#28 This Shirt Has A Microfiber Lens Cloth Sewn Into It

Image source: _Kiaza_

HI, I’M A SHOUTY MAN: I need this! Who genuinely carries a glasses cleaning cloth with them at all times? I don’t

#29 It Can Be So Easy To Make People’s Lives Easier

Image source: FamiliesFwdVA

#30 The Golf Balls At The Mini Golf On This Pier Are Biodegradable And Fall Into The Sea At The 18th Hole

Image source: gostoney

#31 My Local Playground Has A Communication Board So Kids Can Interact And Play If They Are Deaf Or Can’t Speak The Language

Image source: Comment_Sense

Ace: Somewhere in Ireland (from the language).

#32 My Town Has A Bike Pump Permanently Installed Next To The Bike Lock-Up Area

Image source: —-_____–_____—-

#33 My Sink Sprayer Has A Tough Spot Remover. It Shoots A High-Pressure Stream Down The Middle That Is Surprisingly Powerful, But A Cone Of Water Around It Blocks All The Splashes

Image source: P-A-seaaaa

Jack Burton: Mini Kärcher !

#34 In Case You Don’t Feel Like Taking The Elevator, The Technical University In Munich Has A Slide On The 4th Floor

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

Jack Burton: I’ve seen this picture so much times ! But i still want to try the slide ^^

#35 The Middle Snap On My Baby’s Onesie Is A Different Color To Help Align The Buttons

Image source: diceblue

Jason: It’s like a USB cord otherwise. Takes 4 tries to get it right.

#36 This Airport In Cleveland, Ohio, Has A Station Where You Can Learn CPR For Free

Image source: OrangeJuicestice

Jack Burton: Awesome ! Waiting time at the airport is so boring, what a smart idea !

#37 Cool Bike Repair Equipment On A Bike Path

Image source: dannyp24

#38 These Glowing Door Handle Stickers In Case The Power Goes Out When You’re In The Bathroom

Image source: Sloth_Luvs_Chunk

#39 The Local Supermarket Has Its Own “Farm” Where They Grow Different Types Of Salads And Other Vegetables

Image source: cederblad

#40 This Allows You To Turn The Water On From The Outside So It Can Heat Up Without Splashing You With Cold Water

Image source: Gingerhazing

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